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Him prt 2
« on: November 06, 2005, 10:22:55 PM »
I am alone but not bereft, solitary but never outcast. The candle sputters momentarily and my eyes are drawn to the flame as it dances and then returns to it's steady state. The room is warm, almost contradictory in it's sumptuous  minimalism. That is typical of Him, the bare essentials and yet,.... and yet there is a luxury about his very simplicity.

The room is maybe 7 metres square, i know this because i am nearly 2 metres tall and i have lain across almost every dimension for sometimes what seems like eternity. My brain has carefully calculated every angle, every combination as i have prostrated myself, stood,squatted in it's airy confines. I am both at home and yet nowhere in the room. it is both my comfort and my prison.. It is only since i met Him that i truly began understand the contradictions, the paradoxes, of TTWD. I come here purely of my own will, He, would have it no other way. I supplicate myself in this space to his will, but i understand that it is my will  as well. The truth is, we share a will, this room is our wills made flesh. It is the space where both he "Is" and i "Am" and we "Are".

I know the exact shade of purple the walls are painted with, imperial, how the pictures are placed , one on each wall so that from my position centrally the detail of each one is just visible to me. The lighting varies from almost sonambulant to bright but never garish The temperature seems always to be comfortable whether, i am dressed or not. It is as if every physical need the body might have for comfort is taken care of. It is therefore a paradox i come here for my "Punishment".

Ah yes, the ultimate contradiction, my "Punishment". It is termed punishment and yet i crave its embrace, its touch, as i much as i do his tenderness as we simply lie watching pap on TV together. I gift him my bum to use as he sees fit, he allows me to perch my ashtray on his chest as we laze. My bum is unmarked by his admonishments, his chest bares the tiny perfectly circular scar where i was  a little too confident about my aim.

I watch the candle once more, wondering what expression my countenance shows. In our room i no longer am really aware of it. Great sadness  yes, euphoria yes, but in this state i become a blank canvas as my concentration become simple  instinct. No  knitted furrow cosses my i consider a thousand different possibilities. I am both at peace and yet my eyes shine with  the sign that show i am completely alert to anything that might, or might not happen.

I have waited here seemingly interminably, only for Him to come lift me from my kneeling position and bid me dress  for a meal somewhere. I have barely settled and His hands have played their tattoo on my bum  almost unmercilessly till i sank into a pool of fitfull sobs.

The candle's flame dips and wavers, my eyes are immediately alert to it ......and the first smack lands on my exposed bum. I shdder and the tiniest of " ahs" escapes my lips. My whole body comes alive, aware, awake. My moan is one of pleasure,  He is here with me even though i dare not look round to confirm it. His hand meets my bum several times. Each cheek treated with equal respect, and, at the same time, controlled fury. Each blow shaking me to my very core but mentally, not physically.. The heat that burns my bum cheeks is my pleasure the outward sign of my willingness to subject myself to Him; my want He is my pleasure as much am i his.

"Oh the bastard"... i think.... i know He is smiling ..he loves this. The smacks have ceased and he is now tenderly brushing a velvet gloved hand over the exposed skin of my back.  He is tracing  the curve of my spine with his be-gloved palm to draw a spiral with a single fingertip that starts at my right shoulder and wends it way to the centre of my back. I know that i can only guess, anticipate,  where that final point might be,it is always His choosing. The game is to guess what comes next. He has leaned to kiss my cheeks with pouted lips that barely brush against my skin, he has brought the crop smartly down across my buttocks with a flexibility that has made me weep under a single strike.

He dares me to ready myself for whatever i might receive next, i know he is looking , searching my visage for any sign that might betray my expectations. I can sense his face near to mine and yet i dare not look. If i look he might just walk away and leave me to consider my folly, or, simply end the scene there and then return to a complete normality. He knows this , I know this, it is our game. my mind races for a split second and i have to fight back the urge to bite my lip as i remember the time he simply tipped me forward, His strong hands grippnig and supporting my waist as he plunged his shaft straight into me and made me cum instantly. Oh how i have wondered whether that could ever work again as it did then?. What would my reaction be a second time, can there be second time for such a moment of pure perfection, such total release?

Even as my whole body seems to flush with colour at the memory His hand lands neatly , perfeclty placed on my secret parts. It meets it like some gel that slaps and sticks moemtarily as if he was taking a mould for a sculpture. The fingers are both firm and yet supple. The noise alone reeks of sexuality, it is as if he  knows how to give my sex its true voice. It has neither the harsh timbre of a crude smack or the cloying sweetness of a misdirected squelch, but something between, a sound that has an erotic thickness. body, and yes a strange audible perfection.

My whole body is taken by surprise. I have lost my composure now, my bum, yes that bum that i know he lusts after ,that he adores that, he has worshipped with the whole of his mouth and being at simultaneously, now cannot help but to wiggle in a manner that i know drives him wild. My breathing so controlled... "Damn i was doing so fucking well till then"...  breaks..... "He is a  complete bastard " he makes me say the most inappropiate things at the most in-opportune times. He gives me prefection in a single moment i give him an.....

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk". I am leaning forward resting on my hands  desperately waving my rear at him wanting. .....God i  dont know what i want..... I do yes i do... I want him to penetrate me in everyway i want him to treat my bum cheeks like a drumhead and batter them till i scream for cessation. I want his mouth on my back on my lips, on my breasts his hands everywhere at once...

He steps into my view, crouches down lifts my chin on his finger. He looks into my eyes with that damn sparkle he has, the one that marks him as Puck's companion in arms. He kisses me gently on the nose, guides me to my feet with his fingertips on mine, and leads me from the room holding my hand as he always does, like some noble from the Sunkings court and he chuckles.

"I will oneday", i consider as i lean and kiss His cheek... "Yes oneday i will  wipe that chuckle from His face" ." I will oneday refuse to betray myself before he has had his pleasure."

"I know you will".

He smiles as He takes my naked form in his arms and cradles me to him...

"But how will you ever know, be sure, i just didn't let you?"

"Bastard........".... i kiss Him with every last ounce of my being to stifle his grin... I can feel his body shudder slightly with his laughter as i do...and I know "He is" and "I am". We are .... simply "Us"..


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Re: Him prt 2
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2005, 10:46:57 PM »
 8O Wow, you do write amazingly well, FireMoon!

Thanx for sharing! :)
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Re: Him prt 2
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2005, 07:10:00 AM »
I can agree with that! :clap: Nice - and hot - and graphical   8O
Thank you FireMoon  :cheers:
May the tawse be with you.


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Re: Him prt 2
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2005, 01:33:31 PM »
My bum is unmarked by his admonishments, his chest bares the tiny perfectly circular scar where i was  a little too confident about my aim.

Well written piece my man. You have expertly described what is ttwd to some/ most I daresay; 'subjecting' to the 'need' more than 'subjecting' to someone else's will.

Good show!
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Re: Him prt 2
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2005, 01:40:52 PM »
Wow, very intense read indeed! Almost a little scary at times, felt my claustrophobic nature creep up.

I feel your basis lies more in the 's&m' part of ttwd, am I correct?

Very interesting though! Well written.  :)
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Re: Him prt 2
« Reply #5 on: November 08, 2005, 06:21:21 PM »
Wow FireMoon, truly inspirational. Lucky girl in your story!