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Harry Potter -fanfic
« on: April 28, 2005, 09:34:48 PM »
Harry was soaring over the quidditch field, sending his firebolt through the loops of the goalposts.  Up in the air he felt free of the sadness and feelings of guilt that seemed to follow him during the day.  He still felt responsible for Sirius’s death, so when Dumbledore suggested he should spend the last fortnight of the holidays at Hogwarts, rather then in Grimmauld Place, he jumped at the chance.  
Unfortunately Ron couldn’t come with him, as he was visiting his brother Charlie in Rumania, but Hermione was joining him this afternoon.  
It was tea-time when Hermione arrived.  As they were the only two students in the school they had their tea, dinner and breakfast in the Gryffindor common room.  Sitting in a comfortable chair near the open window Hermione was filling Harry in on the latest news and her visit to Victor.
“You know Harry, Victor has so many interesting books.  He gave me some of them as he doesn’t need them since he started playing quidditch professionally.”  Hermione’s eyes were twinkling.
“Don’t let Ron hear you,” Harry grinned.
Hermione rolled her eyes. “When will he understand Victor and I are just friends?  It’s not like I fancy him or anything.”
At that moment the door swung open and Dobby entered “Harry Potter, sir, the headmaster has asked Dobby to tell Harry Potter he would like a word with him, sir.”
“Oh, hello Dobby.  Do you know what Professor Dumbledore wants?”
The house elf looked puzzled.  “Dobby doesn’t know, sir.  Dobby only delivers messages, sir, and now if Harry Potter will excuse Dobby, sir, Dobby has to clean the Hufflepuff common room, sir.”
As the house elf left Harry looked at Hermione. “What do you think Dumbledore wants with  me?”
“Maybe he has news from the Order?  Anyway, you’d better not keep him waiting Harry, you know how busy he is ever since Voldemort’s return.  I’ll walk with you.  I was planning to go to the library, might as well do it now.”
As Harry arrived at the stone gargoyle he saw Dumbledore was waiting for him.  “You wanted to see me Professor?”
Dumbledore looked at Harry over his half-moon spectacles “Yes, Harry.  Let’s go outside for a walk.”
As they walked across the garden path Dumbledore examined Harry more closely.  Harry felt as if the deep blue eyes were penetrating him.  “Tell me Harry, are you still having nightmares?”
“Yes sir, they seem to be getting worse.” Harry sighed; he didn’t want to talk about his dreams, dreams in which Sirius kept blaming him for his death.  “If it wasn’t for you acting the hero, Harry,” Sirius seemed to be saying, “I would still be alive.  If you really care that much about me – come and join me here.”  There was a tremor in Harry’s voice as he repeated the words to Dumbledore.
“I was afraid something like this might happen, Harry.  Can’t you figure out what’s going on?”
“It’s obvious, isn’t it sir?  Sirius blames me for his death.” Harry’s voice sounded bitter. “And he’s only too right” he added softly.
“I thought you knew your godfather better than that Harry.  Think again.  Who would gain by your death?”
“Professor – are you saying – do you mean that Voldemort…?”
Dumbledore sighed and nodded. “Yes Harry, after failing in his effort to make me kill you that night at the Ministry of Magic, it seems that Voldemort is trying to push you into killing yourself.  And that is why I want you to take up Occlumency again.”
Harry stopped dead in his tracks.  “Will you be teaching me yourself, Professor? You see Snape swore he’d never teach me again. Not after … well what happened last term.”
“Professor Snape, Harry” Dumbledore corrected, “and yes, I am aware of what has happened between you and Professor Snape.  A very unfortunate incident that was.  I wish I could teach you myself, but unfortunately I have to take care of an urgent matter for the Order.  I will have a word with Professor Snape before I leave, though, and you will resume your lessons with him starting next week.”
Harry looked at Dumbledore and noticed the determined look on the wizard’s face.  He knew protesting wouldn’t do any good.  
Back in the Gryffindor common room he told Hermione the whole story. “… and then he said have a nice day Harry and left.”
Hermione had been listening very carefully and as he finished his story Harry looked up to find her smiling broadly.
“I can’t see what is so funny about that.” Harry felt the anger inside of him rising. “It’s fine for you – you don’t have to spend the rest of your holidays having lessons from Snape,” he spat.
“Well with a bit of luck you won’t have to either.” Hermione sounded very smug.
“What are you talking about?  It’s not as if Dumbledore is going to let me off, is he?”
“If you will just listen to me for a minute? Honestly Harry, you have to learn to control that temper of yours.”
Hermione pulled them both a glass of cooled pumpkin juice before she continued.
“I told you I spent some time at Victor’s didn’t I?  Well one of the books he gave me was on Occlumency, we practiced it as well – and it seems that at Durmstrang they have found a way to make it a lot easier.  They use something muggles call yoga as a basis.  It has to do with concentrating on your breathing to help clear your mind – I could teach you if you want.”
Harry felt like all his Christmasses had come at once.  He might not have to take lessons with Snape after all.  “Hermione – that is great, you are fantastic!” For a moment she thought he was going to fling himself at her.
 “That’s ok Harry.  There’s one minor point though.  You see the way they do it at Durmstrang the legilimency spell will rebound at the one who performed it in double strength.”
“I don’t mind, it’s not like I have any secrets from you,” Harry assured her. “You have any secrets from me?”
“Well – no,” Hermione said slowly, “as long as you don’t tell Ron.”
They spend most of their days practising, and as Harry was keen to learn he started to get the hang of it rather quickly.  The nightmares became less and less frequent and on Friday afternoon Hermione seemed to be sure Harry could close his mind at will.  
While they were planning a Saturday afternoon in Hogsmeade, Dumbledore was talking to Snape in his office.
“So you see why I need you to teach Harry Occlumency again, Severus.”
“With due respect Headmaster; don’t you think you are being a bit too worried where Potter is concerned? I mean - it is only normal for the boy to have nightmares about what happened, and if it wasn’t for his foolish behaviour Black might still be alive today.”
Dumbledore sighed “Severus, I wouldn’t be asking this from you if I didn’t think it was absolutely necessary.  We just cannot take the risk, and you know it.  Voldemort already possessed Harry once; we can’t have that happening again. And now if you will excuse me – I got an important matter to take care of.  I trust you look after Mr Potter and Miss Granger, and make sure they are safe.”
Snape got up and with a short “As you wish Headmaster” he left the room.
                                        * * *             * * *              * * *
“But that’s not fair!  Professor Dumbledore never made us report to him three times a day.  You can’t do this.” Harry was beside himself with rage. “You’re only doing this because of what I saw that time.…”
“Watch your mouth, Potter.” Snape’s face had gone rigid, the black eyes flashing dangerously.  “Obviously the Headmaster has come to his senses about that temper of yours, Potter, and knows you can’t be trusted by yourself.  That’s why he left me in charge.”
Harry clenched his fists.  Snape continued in a soft icy voice, “And while I am in charge you will do as I tell you.  That goes for you too, Miss Granger.” he added looking at Hermione.
Hermione merely nodded.
“So here are the rules – you don’t set a foot outside the grounds without asking me for permission, I want you both in here at 9am, 2pm and 7pm telling me your plans for the morning, afternoon and evening.  AND – this goes especially for you Potter – you will address me as Sir.  Do I make myself clear?”
Professor Snape glared from Hermione to Harry and back.
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good.  In that case you may leave Miss Granger.  I need a word with Potter in private.”
Hermione looked at Harry and mouthed ‘Be careful’ before she left the dungeon.
“Now Potter, about your Occlumency lessons.  I will not pretend I am happy with them.  But since the headmaster thinks there might be a slight possibility that the Dark Lord is trying to access your mind once more, I am prepared to give you one more chance.  Note clearly I said ONE, Potter.  If I find out you are fooling around or not practising the way you’re supposed to – I wash my hands of you.”
Harry opened his mouth as if to answer, but before he had the time to say anything Professor Snape continued, “The lessons will take place in Gryffindor common room.  I expect you there tomorrow at 3pm sharp. That’s all Potter. Now leave my office.”
“But professor, I don’t …”
“I said that’s all Potter.  Now leave.”
Harry shrugged and left the office.
Outside he found Hermione waiting for him. “What did he say when you told him you didn’t need the lessons?” she asked eagerly.
“He didn’t give me time, now did he?” Harry raged. “Guess he’ll find out tomorrow – oh, and the lessons are taking place in our common room.”
“Snape? In our common room?” Hermione was puzzled.
“Yes, I think he doesn’t want me in his office – not after…”
“Last semester.” Hermione finished his sentence for him.
                                                            ***      ***      ***
“That’s it.  It’s almost four now – I’m off to the quidditch field.” Harry grabbed his Firebolt and headed out.
“But Harry, Snape said to wait for him here;  I don’t think it is wise to leave now.”
“Well you and I both know I don’t need his stupid lessons, so if you want to wait here and tell him that’s fine with me.” Harry left.
Hermione sighed, sometimes she felt like putting a cheering charm on him – Snape seemed to bring out the worst in Harry  Anything he did seemed to be aimed at annoying Snape.  Not that she blamed Harry though.  He was still mourning Sirius, and Snape’s sneering remarks about Sirius, James and Lupin, together with the ridiculous rules he kept making up, would drive anyone crazy.  
“Good afternoon Miss Granger, could you be so kind as to notify Potter that his lessons are about to begin?”
Hermione looked at Professor Snape.  She hesitated a moment taking a deep breath, then looked straight at Snape. “Professor, I don’t think this would be the right moment.”
“So?  And since when do you make the decisions here, miss?” Snape strode over to where Hermione was sitting.
“I – I’m not, but y-you see Professor, Harry was really upset, a-and you were almost an hour late.”
“Oh – we have to save Potter’s delicate feelings, do we?  Never mind him - yet again - breaking the rules, or the Headmaster’s wishes.  As long as Potter doesn’t get upset, we can’t have that, can we?” Snapes voice went dangerously low.
“Now I won’t tell you again – go and fetch Potter!”
After putting up with Snape’s pestering rules, the sarcasm in his voice made Hermione snap.  
“He doesn’t need your lessons anyway,” she spat.  “I taught him.”
“You did what?”
“I taught Harry Occlumency, so there is no need for you to give him lessons.”
“So Miss-Know-It-All, you have taught Potter to protect himself against this – have you?”
Before Hermione knew what had happened Snape had drawn his wand and yelled “legilimency”.  However the spell bounced off and penetrated Snape’s memories.  Images of Voldemort rewarding Snape for performed services flashed by, before he could shield his mind.
“How dare you – how … you’re as bad as Potter,” Snape raged. “That’s fifty points from Gryffindor.”
“Erm – there is a little snag there Professor;  term hasn’t started yet, so you can’t take points from Gryffindor.” Hermione pointed out smugly.
“Well then, I’ll just have to use another way to wipe that smart look off your face!” Snape growled.
He grabbed Hermione by the arm and pulled her over his lap.  In one swift movement he pulled down her jeans and panties and started smacking her bare bottom.
It took Hermione a few seconds to realise what was going on.  She had been spanked only once before, at the age of five, when her father found her experimenting with the drills in his practice, and even then she only had gotten a few swats over her trousers.
This however was completely different.  Snape was working very systematically: three spanks on the left cheek, three on the right, three on her sit spot and then starting over again.   Quite apart from the stinging of her cheeks she felt deeply humiliated.  After all she wasn’t five any more but sixteen.   She wriggled and yelped as the smacks were raining down. This couldn’t be happening!
“Oh, how I’ve longed for this chance to spank the arrogance out of you, little Miss Perfect,” growled Snape.  It seemed like he was enjoying himself, getting rid of all his frustrations.
Hermione’s bottom was turning a deep shade of pink, and she wasn’t sure she could take much more.  Without thinking she put her hands over her cheeks, trying to stop the swats that were the cause of her discomfort.
“No you don’t!” Snape conjured a spell that bound Hermione’s hands and continued spanking her. “Not so smart now are you?” His voice dripped with satisfaction.
“Are you?” he repeated, smacking her thighs.
“N-no, Sir.” Immediately she regretting saying it – and tried to fight back the tears so as not to give him more satisfaction.
“Accio hairbrush!” Hermione’s hairbrush came zooming right into Snape’s hand.  He started using it on her with renewed energy. “You’ll be getting twenty-four of these – four for each year I have had to put up with you, you little mudblood.  Now count them out loud!”
On Hermione’s already tender, burning bottom the hairbrush hurt worse than she could ever have imagined.  He’s going crazy, he finally snapped, were the thoughts going through her mind as she started sobbing.
“I asked you to count them out loud, Miss Granger.”
“Ouch – please, sir!”
“Ouch is not a number, Granger – you start with one.”
Hermione shrieked, “One – Sir!”
“Two, three, f-four, Sir – please no more …”
Hermione felt her body going numb.
“F-f-five.” She was sure she’d never sit again.
“Five what?”
“S-sir, five, Sir.”  Her voice was just a whisper.
Suddenly an emerald green flame burst from the fireplace.  “THAT WILL DO SEVERUS!” Dumbledore had appeared in the room “Let go of Miss Granger at once. I did think I could trust you to keep a grip on yourself for a few days.  Obviously I was wrong.  Please leave.”
Snape let Hermione up and left the room without saying a word.  In one step Professor Dumbledore stood next to Hermione and held her in a huge gentle hug.  Hermione felt the warm glow of being loved and cared for fill her heart, and the crying stopped.
“I’m sorry, Professor .…”
“There’s no need for explanations, Miss Granger.  I know what happened. Professor Snape has been under a lot of stress lately, which is no excuse.  But then being the clever witch you are, you should have known better then to provoke him.  You should be proud of yourself for administering the knowledge of Occlumency and the ability to pass it on to Harry – you saved him, me and Professor Snape a lot of trouble there.”
He took a step back and looked at Hermione. “If I can make a final suggestion – you might want to make yourself decent, as I expect Harry back here in five minutes.”
“Yes, Professor – thank you.”
As Dumbledore left the room he turned around. “Oh – Miss Granger, I’m sure you know how to do a cushioning charm?” And with a quick wink he left.


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Harry Potter -fanfic
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2005, 08:05:57 AM »
You know Jeanny, if this was written in the actual Harry Potter book, I'd buy it as original text. You do it so well girl!  :cheers:

And thanks for posting this  ;)
May the tawse be with you.


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Harry Potter -fanfic
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2005, 09:11:12 PM »
:bow: Great job Jean! Thanx for sharing! :hug:
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Harry Potter -fanfic
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2005, 10:58:23 PM »
Haven't read any Harry Potter..... but I like your story  :)


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Harry Potter -fanfic
« Reply #4 on: May 02, 2005, 04:54:14 PM »
you're missing something Dusty - really you should try it  :D