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Consequences (F/MM), part1
« on: May 20, 2009, 02:40:25 PM »
Woke up just after midnight due to some noise outside. Looked out of the window in hope to catch the reason but didn’t see anything particular. Thought that it was just some drunk who was making some noise when coming from the pub on Friday night. That happens occasionally. So went back to bed to get a long and good night sleep.

The Saturday morning passed by in a calm atmosphere. Around 10 AM my wife shouted and asked me to come to the fence on our yard and take a look, which I did. She looked pretty angry and I got a small shock from what I saw. Someone had painted a naughty picture on our fence. I tried to calm down my wife by telling that it was just a silly prank made by some school boys. She hurried in to the house to pick the camera and I headed to the shed to pick our pressure washer. While I prepared the washer she snapped photos of this picture and after she finished her task I started to erase that “piece of art’. Wasn’t amused anyhow but surely not angry either. Didn’t want to let such an issue to spoil such a nice Saturday. A while after I had put away the pressure washer I saw a police woman approach our house. She looked at our fence and said with some tension in her voice that the evidence had disappeared. My wife who just came out from the house understood immediately the cause for the visit of the policewoman, responded that she have snapped pictures of the scrawl. The policewoman said great, we have caught these two villains who have done that so could you please come down to the magistrate at 2 o’clock. Before I had opened my mouth my wife already responded “thank You, we will be there”.

My wife was nice dressed in a stylish but pretty short dress, nylons and high heels and she also forced me to wear something else than jeans. We were guided to the chamber of Mrs. R, the local judge who was a good friend of my wife. In the chamber there was in addition to the judge and the policewoman, who brought us the invitation, a gentleman who was in his late fifties. The gentleman presented him self as the headmaster of the boarding school that is located in our small town. He looked at my wife and said
“I’m so sorry for what have happened. It was two young men from my school who, on their way from the pub, did this”.
My wife responded “Well Sir, it wasn’t your fault but these school boys who did it should be sorry”. The headmaster then told that these young men are good boys who in general behave very well. The consequences for this deed will be very heavy since if the court finds them guilty they will be expelled from school which will be a heavy blow for them. The judge picked up a paper and then she said that the evidence is clear and there could be no other sentence than guilty. Then my wife said “think that these villains should get a severe corporal punishment on their bared butts instead of getting a sentence in the court and then expelled from their school”.
The headmaster looked at my wife and said “dear Mrs. R, I support that proposal to 100% and would hope that you other would support it too”. The judge also supported the idea that my wife presented.

Then my wife said “well we need to discuss on how we will execute the corporal punishment of these villains”. After she said that she picked her whippy leather strap from her handbag, swung it through the air a couple of times and let the end part of it finally land in her palm. Every one got a very surprised look on their face when they watch the strap in the hands of my wife. My hearth leaped when saw her there in high heeled pink shining boots, just above knee length skirt and nylons. She looked very, very gorgeous in her outfit and her strict body language clearly sent out that she’s a real LADY who pursuits good manners.

The Headmaster was the first who started to talk. He grabbed the hand of my wife, kissed it, and said “Mrs. R I do really think that a severe strapping would be best for these young men since they are used to canings and occasionally also birching which means that a severe leathering of their bared butts would make them to think before they want to do some stupid stunt again”. He continued “so I strongly support a severe strapping for these lads, and, I can just say, from experience, that a severe strapping will leave a sting in their buttocks for as long time as a caning or a birching would”.  Then he said “Mrs. R, could I please have the honor in being your humble assistant during this corporal punishment session”.  My wife responded to his request “That would be a great honor”. The Headmaster, who was in his mid sixties, blushed and appeared to be very pleased with what would be about to happen in the near future. Then, very surprisingly, the headmaster turned to my wife and said “Mrs. R, as you know, the older of these boys were the leader of this stupid stunt. Could you please consider finishing his punishment with 6-8 of the birch”? My wife responded “yes, sounds reasonable”.

This whole thing was moving very fast forward. Now the judge opened her mouth “I’m glad to be just a spectator here” she said and laughed and continued “unfortunately the corporal punishments cannot be executed in these premises so we need to find a proper place for that. To that I filled in that the room where the boys are whipped needs to have a proper atmosphere since besides a punishment the corporal punishment needs also to give them a relief from their guilt. My wife looked at my smiling and I think that everyone understood why she smiled at me so I blushed a little bit but not as much as the assistant of the judge, a nice looking young lady in her mid twenties.

The headmaster said that he knows a perfect place where to execute these corporal punishments. Between the old stables and the birch grow there is a small house that is not in every day use. This house is a little bit remote from the main building of the boarding school.
Once I step into the house I felt that there was something strange with it. Couldn’t understand what this house was used for. My amazement even grows when the headmaster moved two leather padded whipping blocks into the middle of the parlor of the house. There were old chairs and a couple of tables made of oak in parlor and painted pictures on the walls.  We, the spectators, that is, the Judge, her assistant and signed, sat down on the oak wooden chairs just by the whipping benches. The two villains were brought in by the headmaster and he ordered them to, take down their pants and under pants and lie over the whipping benches with their butts high up in the air. Then the headmaster tied them with leather straps to the whipping benches. The two young men blushed very heavily.
Then the headmaster brought in a bucket in which there were two, nicely made, birch bundles. My wife picked up one bundle and swished it through the air. The swishing noise electrified the atmosphere and the two young men, strapped to the whipping benches reacted by squeezing their buttocks together. The smell of the fresh birch, spiced with the smell of the oiled leather strap was spread in the parlor. The headmaster told the two young men that this is the smell of severe punishment and then he kept a speech to them about what are the consequences of conducting stupid stunts. My wife told them in a soft and lean voice that she will give them a severe spanking with both the strap and the birch but after that they have expiated their “crime”. She took the strap in her right hand, stood in front of the two boys that were going to be whipped, and asked them if they are ready. They nodded as an answer and she said that, gentlemen I will now commence your severe corporal punishment.


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Re: Consequences (F/MM), part1
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 8O :unsure:   and you pause here.... leaving us waiting in suspense ???