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Jim & Mary - part 5
« on: April 07, 2005, 10:11:31 PM »
Think I missed posting this one  :roll:


It was the end of the summer vacation.   Tomorrow Mary was to leave for college and Jim was scheduled to start back in high school the next day.  Jim's folks were out for the evening and the two were together on on the livingroom sofa, their last evening together  until the mid-term breaks.  Mary was comfortably nestled in Jim's lap, snuggling close as they petted and exchanged solemn promises to keep in touch during the coming weeks.  Mary held Jim's chin firmly between her thumb and forefinger as she reminded him in no uncertain terms that she expected him to keep in touch and answer her letters promptly ....OR ELSE!!   Kissing him softly on the lips, and lightly caressing his cheeks, she cuddled closer in his lap as she softly complained that she thought he was due a good spanking before she left for school ... he had spanked her poor bottom a couple of days ago!!!  And she needed to give him something to remember her by while she was away at school!!

Jim held her close in his arms and gazed deep into her bright starry eyes as he slowly slid a hand up inside her blouse to cup and softly caress a perky breast .....strictly a no-no under their recent agreement.  Jim gently kneaded and fondled the firm breast, then eased his hand over to repeat this on the other breast as she softly moaned with pleasure.  Mary finally gently but firmly removed Jim's hand from her breast even as she continued to give him warm eager kisses.  Then holding his chin in her soft hand she gazed deep into his eyes, grinning even as she accused him in an exasperated tone of voice,  "Jim, you did that on purpose just so I would have a good reason to spank you, didn't you???"   His grin was all she needed to confirm her suspicion.

Mary quickly hopped off his lap, "Okay buster, on your feet, your butt is due a spanking now!!"    She grabbed his hand, pulled him up from the sofa and sat in the spot he had vacated. Jim stood obediently by her knees, apprehensive and anxiously waiting her next move.  Secretly, he was wondering just how serous a spanking he had gotten himself in for,. Mary certainly did not seem angry, more like eager to take advantage of the opportunity his transgression had given her.  He sure hoped she wouldn't decide to use his belt... or order him to fetch his mom's hairbrush ...  That would be a lot more than he had bargained for.

Jim's thoughts were interrupted as Mary reached over .....unfastened his belt and unsnapped and unzipped his jeans..... grinning as she remarked, "Young man, I trust you do remember  that under our agreement it is entirely up to me how I spank you.... in other words, sweety..... your ass is MINE to spank as I please!!"   Jim's eyes popped wide open as she stripped his heavy belt from the loops and laid it beside her on the bed.   "I will keep that handy just in case it's needed to encourage your cooperation" she cheerfully informed him as she pushed his jeans down to his ankles.   She hooked her fingers in the waistband of his briefs, laughing as he turned his back to her when she pulled them down to his knees and lightly slapped his bare bottom grinning at the faint pink blush left where her hand had landed and the deep blush of his face and neck, "Hey, why so bashful sweety, nothing there I haven't seen when I spank my brothers"

She grabbed Jim's left arm and quickly pulled him between her legs, then guided him into a face-down position over her left thigh with his upper body resting on the sofa and his legs firmly pinned by her right leg.  Tim began to be a bit apprehensive about the coming spanking ,,, realizing he was very much at her tender (?) mercy;   "Maaarry....wait a minute,,, what are you planning to do???:  Mary lightly caressed and patted his tense cheeks and firm upper thighs as she replied, "Geeessshh of dumb questions.  It should be perfectly obvious that I am going to soundly spank a naughty boy's bare bottom until he cries for mercy.   Probably until my hand gets tired and sore ..... unless you act up and I have to use the belt!!  This is really meant to give you a good example of what you can expect if you aren't prompt in answering my letters!!"  

She grabbed his right hand and held it at the middle of his back with her left elbow resting at his shoulder as she raised her right hand high and brought it down hard across both bottom peaks SMAAACCK!!!    "Owwwww!!....Not so hard, pulleeesse!!"   "Oh, that was just to get the range,, we are just starting hon!!"  She followed this with a series of 3 hard spanks on his right ass-peak ... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!!..  "OWWW ....OUUUCH..that hurts!!"    This was followed by 3 more on the left side ... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!!..  "OWWW ....OUUUCH.. ...hey....Mary .. pleeeze take it easy!!"  Mary chuckled as she responded  "not a chance Jim, you knew you were asking for this when you fondled my breasts ... now you pay the price!!!!"    She quickly landed the next stinging spanks on his bare flanks in fast succession.....  ... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!!.. on the left side and .. ... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!!.. on the right sides ....greeted by anguished howls of protest and frantic wiggling.  Mary paused a moment to give her hand a rest and admire the rosy blush and hand-prints marking the spanked area.

Jim looked around at Mary and asked hopefully, "Are you through??  I have learned my lesson!!"   "Nope, not yet sweety, there are still some pale areas and I want to be sure you get my message!!"  The next spanks were landed on the tender upper back areas  of Jim's bare thighs, ... ... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!!.....on the back of the  left thigh and then ... ... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!!.. on right thigh.  The hard smacks on his firm bare thighs sounded like pistol shots and were greeted by more anguished cries of protest "OWWWWIEE... OUUUUCCHH, .. that really hurts,!!!"    But Mary still had more area to cover,,,  ... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!!.. at the tender base of his left ass cheek followed quickly by ... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!! the base of the right ... then a final flurry across both arched ass-peaks as they raised in anticipation of the spanks .... ... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!!.... SMAAACK .. CRAAACKCK .. SPLAAT!!..   Jim frantically squirmed and twisted to avoid the final punishing spanks, gasping and crying out, then finally lay softly sobbing as Mary gently caressed and soothed his hot scarlet bottom and thighs.  

She eased him up onto his feet, laughing as he quickly pulled his briefs up over his scarlet bottom, and took him in her lap to comfort him.  She gently dried his eyes and tear-stained cheeks.  Jim hugged her close kissing her cheeks as he remarked.."You can bet that I will be real prompt about writing to you ...sure got your message!!  But remember, that is a two-way street, you have to be good about writing to me or you will get soundly spanked when you come home on vacation!!!"  

Mary thought a moment before suggesting,  "Maybe we need some guidelines and penalties like for the books... let's think about that!!"



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Jim & Mary - part 5
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2005, 10:47:37 PM »
Not sure if it was a reminder to write a lot, or a punishment for doing the  :nono:  but I enjoyed it  :D

If it was the latter, she should have done it twice that hard :x
:spank:  :spank:  :spank:
Because boundaries are Boundaries for a Reason, and it may not be fun - or funny - on the violated person's perspective  :hmm:
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Re: Jim & Mary - part 5
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2006, 10:19:04 AM »
 :laughter: nice story dustio! is there more?  :whistle:
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