Author Topic: Spanking Story - How it used to be until a month ago  (Read 3810 times)


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Spanking Story - How it used to be until a month ago
« on: October 17, 2007, 04:52:25 PM »
Whenever I misbehave, (my girlfriend - Sophie) leads me by her hand into our bedroom like I was a naughty little boy. She sits in a firm straight-backed chair, guides me over her knees, lowers my trousers, and pulls my underpants down to the hollow of my knees.

By now, I'm used to the ritual.  I know it all too well. As her hand rests on my bare backside, she tells me in no uncertain terms (in fact lectures me, would be a more accurate way of discribing it,) why I'm to be punished. Even after several years of being together, being disobedient and taking her for granted is my most frequent offense.

However, months if not years of bare-bottom punishment has helped correct me. After a warm-up hand spanking sets the mood.  Sophie tells me to undress pull my underpants right off , fetch the hairbrush, and go back over her knee for more. The next phase of my sentence is a ten- to twenty-minute paddling.

Ow boy, how I hate the hairbrush - even today it sets my backside on fire. She starts on the back of my legs and moves up my bottom slowly and surely setting my bottom ablaze. She spanks on  one cheek  and then the other, paying special attention to what she calls my "sit spot" and my "spank spot". (Where my legs meet my bottom).  But, she tells me over and over again, "It's supposed to hurt, Sweetheart", in her little patronising voice. She doesn't stop until I'm in tears.

When my paddling (hairbrush) is over I know what to do next. Time, and experience, are good teachers. I slide off her lap, wipe my tears, look her square in the eyes and tell Sophie "I'm sorry". Once she's convinced, I ask permission to go to the corner of the bedroom and press my nose to the wall.

As I walk to the corner, or as she calls it "my special corner", and place my nose firmly in it, I know not to rub my now very red, hot and sorry bottom, knowing that if I do Sophie will take issue and punish me further with her "special" belt.  There is nothing special about the belt other than it happens to be mine and happens to be rather large and thick.  I also know to spread my feet slightly apart.  Failure to do any of this results in me having to ask for an extra licking.

I still get thouroughly embarrassed having to ask Sophie for an extra licking, specially as at this point I have to address her as "Mistress Sophie", for my extra licking. I also know it is of my own making and could have been totally avoided. 

Sophie takes the belt, bends it over and starts to swing it across my backside.  In the mean time I have to stand there and take a good half a dozen to 10 licks, thanking her and apologising for being such a naughty little boy.  In-between lashes, I have to whisper in her ear why I've been bad and why I'm wrong. It's a very emotional experience to ask the woman you love to punish you, to let her know that you are hers. To beg your girlfriend over and over that you will take the strap like a good boy, to convince her that you deserve the strap, that you want the strap, that you need the strap no matter how much it hurts. That she must tan your bare backside because it hurts, because it stings, because it burns. Please make me be good. Please make me cry. Please make me learn my lesson until the next time. Please... Please... Please...

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Re: Spanking Story - How it used to be until a month ago
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2007, 08:09:24 PM »
:clap: great story!
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Re: Spanking Story - How it used to be until a month ago
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2007, 06:51:58 AM »
 :D Wow! Nice story. You had better write more.  :hmm:  Please??
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