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READ BEFORE POSTING: Rules of the site
« on: September 03, 2007, 07:00:38 AM »
Rules of the site

Guidelines, asking nicely over and over again, in so many words didn't work so now, my cup hath runneth over. There are no more guidelines, just rules. I will also stop trying to say things nicely first from now on. I've noticed that won't work, so why bother. Just follow these rules and we won't have a problem. It's as simple as that.

* This is not a porn site, nor will it ever become one, even though most of the content is adult oriented. If you're looking for porn, you're in a wrong place. Move on.

* This is not a site  for personals or any kind of ads. If you're not going to participate in the discussion, don't post.

* Write your messages with proper English, or on the Finnish side of the forum, use Finnish.
This is an international site, and if you don't know how to write in English, don't post. Text messaging is not English. Slang is not English. Babytalk is not English. Flooding the board with emoticons is not English. Posting message after message nothing but LOLs, LOLOLOLs, ROFLs or LMAOs is not English. Flooding the board with ANY kind of unreadable nonsense is not English. Respect the nationality of other members of the board and do not expect them to "like" or even understand any messages posted by you, if you are an illiterate moron. Break this rule and I'll break your neck. At least I will delete your message. I might actually be nice and do that twice without any other consequences. Then I'll break your neck. :twisted:

* Consider how your actions will impact the enjoyment of the other players.
If you think destroying property or hurting others is fun, then you really shouldn't be on this site, you should be in jail or psychiatric care. It definitely is not fun, nor bratting, and from now on it's definitely a cause for a ban. Remember this rule when you play. It's probably THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE.

For clarification, here's an example, of "not fun":
"a brat invades someone's home, destroys everything, kills family pets if there is any, sets the house on fire, and runs out giggling, or laughing like a moron, shows no remorse when caught and spanked, instead runs to destroy another house right after"

When it could have gone like this:
"a brat sneaks into someone's home, raids the fridge and accidentally knocks over a vase when running out, then hides because the vase was expensive, and she will have to pay for it, one way or another, will be truly sorry when caught and behaves for a while after a spanking"

* Grow up. I am sick and tired of people acting like babies, then whining when they get treated like babies. I understand, that there are some people who think being a "brat" means: avatar and signature full of pink and glitter and self glorification, paint everything that can't be killed or destroyed with pink and glitter, and so on. But here's a clue: that's not bratting the way I see it, and not what I created this site for. From now on that's a cause for a ban, because it's a clear sign of not being intelligent enough, or not being old enough to be on this site.

* Tops: role-playing discipline should be handed out on the Playground, not on other boards, and it needs to be consensual. A brat gives his/her consent by bratting you. Do not touch a brat if there is no consent, or no reason. Do not humiliate when you discipline, and make sure the punishment fits the crime. Even if it's cyber-play, the scars are real when a top crosses a line and it won't be tolerated on this site.

* If you find some post "not nice", report it to a moderator. There's a button just for that in every post. It's best we deal with it, instead of you getting upset about it, or what's worse: get involved with it somehow.

And to the end, babybutz's famous, now revised words:

While freedom reigns on this site, the administration reserves the right to place certain restrictions on those who create problems on these boards.  We want a pleasant, encouraging atmosphere and will do what is necessary to maintain it. Please have fun and enjoy the site and each other.

May the tawse be with you.