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Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 6- Changes....
« on: December 16, 2006, 07:13:45 PM »
Her majesty'r backside screamed in resistence, but she ignored the soreness, eagerly wrapping her arms around his neck.  He found her easily, and began thier lovemaking once agian. 
"Who are you my queen?" 
"I am your wife." 
"And the most beautiful of all women in my kingdom." 
Issues were agreed to without being voiced, as thier union continued far into the morning.  Edicts and laws could wait, decisions could be finallized later.  Tonight was the time to renew passion and love, and restore the rightful order of the kingdom.
And indeed it was restored.  The following morning the Queen herself carried her husband's breakfast tray to thier bed, and it was the Queen who adorned his shoulder's with the Royal Robes.  Together, the Queen and King walked side by side to the his study to sign the new draft.  After that moment, everything changed.  The maidens were given the freedom to lightly reprimand the young Princess, but for all true correction she would be sent to her father's study.  And there was a second draft drawn up as well, but this was between the King and his wife, and was privately stored in the Royal Chambers.   
The next few months passed quickly, as the young Princess grew.  She had now become accustomed to the fact that whenever she was naughty she would have to face the consequences.  The handmaidens would dole out a few hand spanks to her bare bottom, very careful not to overindulge this new responsibility.  If Godmother was on hand she would pull the naughty girl over her knee and turn her bottom pink with her trusty hairbrush.  But in all this time the Princess had not once been sent to her father's study.  Her first experience across his lap left a deep impression on her, and she strove to aviod another encounter.  As her sixth birthday approached, plans were made to begin the young girl's education.
The prospect of tutors and a classroom were not foriegn to the Royal Family, but with the new edict they were unsure of how to procede.  As in all cases of confusion, Godmother was invited to the castle to share her advice and counsel.   
"Godmother, we feel the young Princess should study here in the castle, as is our custom, but what should we do about... well.."
"Disciplinary matters?"
"Well, yes Godmother.  Everyone in the Royal Family has been tutored in thier own private classroom, but never have measures been taken to discipline the student or even direct thier studies.  If the young prince or princess did not perform well in their coarses for lack of study then well educated advisors were appointed them.  But in our daughter's case, Her majesty and I would like to hold her to a higher standard, yet we are unsure of how to proceed."
"Yes, I see Your Majesties.  Well, we should begin with her classroom.  It should be of moderate size, for it will need to hold all of the instruments and texts required for each coarse.  But her study area should be blocked from the rest of the room, just her desk and that of her tutor.  This will help to keep the young Princess from being too easily distracted.  Oh, and the Princess herself should be made to wear a uniform, something plain and not too frivilous, so she can focus her attention on the studies and not on her bangles.  I have several more suggestions as well, if Your Majesties will grant me the privelege of you time?"
And so it was the trio talked long into the day, taking thier noon time meal in the King's study so as to continue the preparations uninterupted.   News of the new schoolroom soon spread throughout the castle as the commissions were sent for the new furniture and texts books, musical instruments, embriodery findings, new clothes, and other odds and ends.  Godmother had stressed the need for the young royal to have a rounded education, so in the coarse of the next several years she would not only learn traditional scholastics, but she would take lessons in music, sewing, art, and several other coarses.  Before the week was through the new uniforms were finished and delivered to the castle.  Although the Princess' studies would not begin for some weeks, as a tutor would need to be secured first, the Queen was none the less thrilled over the newest delivery.   She carried the large bundle into the nursery anxious to see her daughter try them on.  The young Princess did so obediently, if not somewhat grudgingly.   
The dresses were indeed plain, just a simple soft gray material formed the outer dress.  It had a high empire waist line, and fell nearly straight to the ground.  The under shift was dyed the same color, but was from a sheer fabric.  And there was to be matching shoes, simple leather slippers that had not even a bow or ribbon!  Inwardly the Princess quaked in anger.  The last few months had brought several changes for her, one of the first being plainer clothes and fewer extravegances.  And even though she had not recieved a single new toy since breaking her doll, it was no matter, she still had trunks full of her old toys.  And her new clothes were plainer (and fewer), but at least they were still silk and of varying pastel shades.  And her shoes still were adorned with bows and ribbon, even if they were no longer encrusted with gems and  pearls.  All of these changes were tolorable.  But these new uniforms were not!  They were simply horrible!  They were plain and ugly and looked like the smog on a winter morning!  And the young Princess was actually supposed to wear them everyday to these lessons of hers?  Definiately not!  She'd find a way, somehow, to destroy every last one and show her parents exactly what she felt of all these changes!
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Re: Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 6- Changes....
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Re: Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 6- Changes....
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