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Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 4
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okay, had some free time, thought I'd post another chapter. Enjoy. I apolagize for any spelling errors, wasn't quite up to reviewing my own haphazard typing skills today!  :)
The King had heard enough and was growing increasingly irate, He had only called her in to see him apologize to the young maidens, but now he saw that she needed a stronger hand than that.  Godmother was right, this little girl would one day be queen, and her tempers must be stopped now.  The king had a decision to make that would change his daughter's life forever.  Should he change his own edict?  The very law his wife had urged him to draft upon the birth of their child?  And what to do now?  The King knew what he should do, but could he?  

As if these thoughts were troubling enough by themselves, the young Princess then took it to mind that her father's change in tone was not quite to her liking.  Niether were these maidens, who's only job was to solely please her, and niether was her own dear Godmother.  How quickly the attitude of a child can change once the soft burn in their bottom cools!  Her father, the King, had been softly holding her hand, pondering what decision he should next make, and it was at this time that the Princess decided to yank her hand out of that embrace.  This decision was rude at best, but to add the insult of doing such a thing to a King, why it was insanity!  Having not expected this sudden tantrum from the Princess, the King was nearly shocked beyond words!  It was a few seconds before he saw the dots of deep black ink spotting across his right hand, and upon inspecting his desk, he could see why!  When the Princess had pulled back her hand, it had clumsilly knocked into one of the many bottles of ink on His Majesty's desk, spinning the bottle, before finally spilling it's contents onto the papers neatly organized in it's path.   
Just that morning the King had pulled out the edict he'd decreed on the birth of his daughter, it was declared law that she could never be disciplined or harmed, on pain of the King's own wrath.  And now that document sat before the King, his own gold seal barely legible beneath the flood of black ink quickly soaking into the paper.  Already his signature was covered, and a good deal of this precious edict was already ruined, and thus, void of power.  Fate seemed to have eased the King's mind of his decision, for an edict was only lawful if it was intact.  Godmother smiled to herself, and stepped back a couple of feet, motioning to the handmaidens remain standing in front  of the King's desk.   
Barely five seconds had transgressed since the Princess withdrew her hand, but it was enough.  The King could easily see now what a danger it would be to leave his daughter undisciplined, and to allow her to inherate the throne in this state.  Filled with conviction, His Majesty took hold of his daughter's wrist, pulling her across his lap as he did so. 
This position seemed all too familiar to the young girl, as she struggled against the confining hold.  The King was sitting in his heavy desk chair, with the Princess struggling across his lap, and before him lay the detroyed edict.  The handmaidens held their breath in unison, would he dare?
The King's palm descended across the covered bottom before him, eliciting small cries from the young girl.
"I Can! CRACK!  And I will! CRACK!  You destroyed the edict  CRACK! declaring this illegal, CRACK! so I will assume  CRACK! you were asking for a spanking! CRACK!"
This whole time the young Princess had been trying to kick and flail her arms.  But it's hard to kick when you're wearing so many layers of heavy robes, and the King had already pinned one of her arms behind her back.   
Tiny tears of frustration were beginning to brim at the edges of the little girl's eyes.  The spanking had not hurt her, not through her several layers of clothes, it had only embarressed the little girl.  The King's hand had raised once more, ready for descent, when Godmother herself grasped it, preventing it's due coarse.
"Your Majesty, you need to stop."
Her words dampened the moods of the handmaidens considerably, who were having a hard time controlling their glee over the Princesses's deserved punishment.  The naughty girl had relaxed at once hearing those words, no doubt this hault would only entail more mischief later on, rather than curb her behaviour.  As for the King, his own hairbrushing the night before had at least taught him to listen to Godmother's advice.  He stopped the spanking immiediately, willing to listen to her words.
"Yes Godmother?"
"Your Majesty has clearly never felt the responsibility of disciplining his child.  You must first pull up her garments, my King.  The Princess has not felt your sting Sir."
Godmother helped him grasp each hem and pull them up onto the girl's back.  After several layers, all that remained were her pristine white pantaloons, edged with lace.
"Look for yourself, my King.  Her bottom is not even pink!"
Grasping the ribbons, the King pulled her pantaloons aside to discover the perfectly pale skin that laid beneath.  His Majesty was sure that his previous smacks must have stung her immensly, judging by the girl's kicking and reaction.  Once again, it was Godmother who advised.
"Your Majesty, it is not my place to instruct, but I have found it most efficient to spank on the bare.  A bottom does not lie, My Lord!  I think it is quite obvious Her Majesty did not feel your hand spanking."
"Then maybe my daughter will feel this!"
The King had picked up his seal from his desk and was giving a few hesitant whacks with it across the white bottom before him.  Now his seal was very special, ecspecially this one.  Because the King's desk was so large, and so many documents required his attention, he could not very well be expected to reach each one.  So his seal was set set in gold, and then mounted on a slant to a slender rod of oak about twelve inches long.  Attached to the opposite end was an ornate handle, also created from gold.  This allowed the King to sign his seal to documents not within reach.  Presently however, his seal was allowing him to tame his very naughty girl.
Swat! Swat!
"You will learn to behave!"
Swat! Swat!
"I am repealling my edict!"
Swat! Swat!
"And I will spank you whenever you give me reason to!"
Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!
His Majesty felt Godmother's hand on his shoulder, and he stopped the spanking once again.  His daughter had tears running down her face, although she had not openly cried yet, and still struggled against his hold.  Her bottom was a bright pink, with a few noticible lines which were quickly fading.
"My King that was a wondefrul warm-up for her naughty bottom. But don't you feel My Lord that these young handmaidens have been wronged?"
At this the King only nodded, agreeing to Godmother's words.
"Well then My Lord, don't you feel they should be able to discipline Her Highness as well?  After all, it was her disobedience which led to thier humiliating birchings in the town square."
Again the King nodded, allowing Godmother the authority to procede.  She motioned the maidens to her, while instructing the King to hold his daughter down quite tightly.
"You will hold Her Young Majesty's wrist and legs down, My King.  It is her bottom which is being disciplined, and you would not want her hands to be hurt if she attempted to reach back!"
While the King did as he was instructed, Godmother pulled her old wooden hairbrush out from within the folds of her cloak.   
"I think two spanks apiece shall be efficient for now.  You young ladies are helping to discipline the Princess, not exact revenge on her.  And I expect you know the difference or I'll teach it to you myself!"
This statement probably curbed more than one thought of bruising the young girl's backside.  None the less, each maiden stepped forward in turn and burned the old brush into the Princess's bare bottom. Unable to kick, the young girl cried instead as the eight spanks slowly seared her backside.
"Thank you girls, you may return to the front of the desk now.  Your Majesty, if you would be so kind, the last two should be dealt by you Sir."
The King took the old brush from her, the very same that had burned him only hours earlier.  Taking careful aim, he delivered the last two spanks to the lower curve of the bottom before him.  CRACK! CRACK!
The King's emmotions were so confusing.  He felt proud that he had corrected his daughter, knowing she would be the better for it, but also wretched that he had to put her through such pain. Her bottom glowed red, not very deeply, but there were defined outlines of the hairbrush on the outer cheeks of her bare bum.  Picking the young Princess up, he rocked her in his lap, telling her to be a good girl so he would never have to spank her again.
"Your Majesty, your daughter is so young, it is a hard task for her to remember not to repeat this naughtiness.  I think it would be wise of you to let her think about these new changes, and what actions brought on her spanking.  Someplace quiet, and remote, My Lord."
The King dismissed the maidens, but not before they saw the Princess led to low wooden stool in the corner and made to sit down upon it with her nose to the wall. Her initial reaction was to refuse coroporation, but her bottom still burned hotly.  Obediently she sat down on the stool, wincing and sniffling anew, assuring all she would behave in the future. The King finished his apology, ending it with promises that thier would soon be changes in the way his daughter was to be raised.  Bowing low, the maidens quickly left the King's study, leaving him in a hushed conversation with Godmother.
"It was a big step, but it is not enough!"
"Yes, but how?  My wife would never agree to this!  As Queen she has every right to be furious and refuse to sign my new draft!"
"I believe His Majesty will agree that less than a day earlier he was just as stubborn as his head strong wife.  And as her husband I think you already know the answer to your dilemna.  The Queen may be able to dispute you in open court, but as your wife, do you allow her the same priveledge in your bedchambers?"
I used to be just cherries, sad and alone.
Then my prince came, to melt my heart of stone.
His words of love so healing, what else can I say?
Finally, my cherries, are FLAMBE'.


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Re: Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 4
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 :D Great chapter annie.

 :unsure: it's like spanking domino's.  Starts of with one getting it then everyones gonna get it.   :D
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Re: Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 4
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Excellent as usual Annie :D


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Re: Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 4
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umm annie

We're waiting for the next part.

 :glare: and it's a bad thing to make a brat wait.