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Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 3
« on: November 26, 2006, 08:24:24 PM »
I had some extra time, so I posted this.  I'll try to post another chapter in a week or so, let me know if I'm posting them too fast...

"Tonight you have taken a great step, Your Majesty, and I am very proud of you.  Seeing that the entire castle is sleeping soundly due to my spell, I see no reason is awaking anyone right now.  After you have rested tonight, then we shall deal with the issue of your daughter and the young girls.  Right now, I will rock you and hold you, because that is the most important step in giving a spanking Your Majesty.  My sisters and I have loved your family for centuries and have always been by your side to protect you.  When I chastised you it was out of love, and now it is out of love that I stay with you and sooth you.  In the morning we will settle other issues, but now I just want you to know I am here for you."

The morning sun shone smartly through the castle windows, bringing it alive.  The king's messenger had arrived promptly at dawn with strict orders for the young princess and her handmaidens  to be escorted immediately to the king's study.  The Handmaidens tried to arouse the sleeping princess, but she angrily threw her china doll, ordering them away.   The handmaidens stood close by, wringing their hands and watching the little one sleep.  Momentarily, Godmother walked into the nursery to check on the progress of the Princess, they were long overdue, and the King was becoming impatient.
"She refuses to awake Godmother.  Look!  She threw her doll at us when we tried to rouse her from her slumber!"
Godmother could easily see the broken fragments of the painted china at her feet.  Looking towards the girls, she read the anxiety in their faces, no doubt encouraged by their still sore bodies.
"The King has requested your presence and should not be kept waiting.  Do not fear, my girls, no harm will come to you.  I will wake the Princess myself, but for the present, please allow His Majesty's Guards to escort you to his study.  I will follow shortly with Her Highness"
Wearily the maidens smoothed out their skirts and followed the waiting guards.  It had been a long night for each, and they had slept little.  Yet they straightened their shoulders, determined to appear dignified before the King.  Unbeknownst to them, His majesty was suffering from similar  problems himself, and was hastily attempting  to compose himself.
Back in the nursery, Godmother pulled a chair alongside the Princess' bed.  His Majesty had not given his permission for the young royal to be spanked, and his royal edicts had not yet been repealed, so disciplining her now would be unlawful.  If this child were a commoner, she would most assuredly find herself getting a well tanned bottom for disobeying her guardians and breaking her toys.  Alas, she was royalty, and awaking this child was simple not an option; yet magic always has a way of working itself around even the most binding of edicts.
Godmother sat in her chair beside the sleeping child, and lightly touched her hand, causing the girl to fall into a deep slumber, and dream vividly.  Though the child could not be corrected in this world, the King had not forbidden Godmother to enter her dreams.
Merry bluejays were loudly chirping in the morning sun, causing the Princess to open her eyes.    She thought she could hear her name being called, though it seemed very far off.
"Wake up, Princess, we need to have a talk."
The voice was familiar, and upon opening her eyes, the Princess could see her very own Godmother sitting beside her bed.
"Godmother!  Have you come to play?"
Godmother looked grave as she placed the broken fragments of the doll on a table adjoining the bed.
"I wish we could play dolls together, Your Highness, but this doll seems to have broken.  Do you know how?"
The little royal shrugged off the question and boldly retorted:
"I threw it at my handmaidens this morning and it broke. But I have several others and father will replace it with a nicer one anyway."
"Why would you be so unkind as to do that, Princess?  Don't you know that one of those girls could have been hurt?"
"So?  Father would just replace her like the doll.  Now come, Godmother, let us play!"
Almost too stunned for words, Godmother caught up the little girl's wrist and drew her across her lap.  The Princess was easily positioned, and Godmother pulled her tiny frame in a bit closer, placing a hand on her waist for support.
"Godmother! What are you doing?"
"I am going to spank your bottom, little one. You must learn to respect your guardians, and to obey your father.    There are going to be rules in your life from now on, and you must follow them.  They are made for your protection, but if you can not obey on your own, then you will have to be reminded."
Nervously, the handmaidens approached the King's study, where his guards escorted them inside and left the girls alone with the King, at his request.  Though he had never been known for such practices, it was not uncommon for a man of his prestige to take his pleasure among whom he pleased and be left  unguarded so no factual rumors could be spread.  Assuming thus, the guards exited smartly, closing the thick oak doors that would block out all sounds of frolic play.   
The king stood behind his desk, now alone with the very source of his guilt and recent humility.  These thoughts were unknown to the handmaidens of coarse, who dropped low curtsies in respect and awaited their fate.
"I called you here ladies because I have deeply wronged you.  My judgement with concerns to my daughter's actions have been foolish and wrongly executed."
This was indeed a shock!  Was the King actually stating an apology to them?
"I want to express my sincere regret in what befell you because of my daughters misdeeds and my rash actions.  It was an unfit and cruel sentence to even the lowliest of slaves, and yet it was the royal maidens of my neighboring kingdoms who endured such  autrocity."   
The maidens could only stare at the floor before them in humble acceptance of his words, each quite shocked over the King's obvious emotion behind his apology..  They had each expected a worse punishment to be delivered in the privacy of his study, but instead found the King to be as repentant as a schoolboy.  It was at this time the King noticed that his daughter was not in the room with the handmaidens.  He had commanded her presence as well, where was she and Godmother?
"I am going to spank your bottom, little one. You must learn to respect your guardians, and to obey your father.    There are going to be rules in your life from now on, and you must follow them.  They are made for your protection, but if you can not obey on your own, then you will have to be reminded."
With this simple statement said, Godmother raised the young royal's nightdress, and quickly loosened the cord on the girl's pantaloons, exposing her small white bottom.  This would be the first spanking of her young life, and most probably one of the first times she had ever felt pain.  Yet the Princess was not completely naive.  She had witnessed the servant's children being disciplined before, and even a stable boy being cropped by the very irate stable master.  She tried to protest, but Godmother only pulled her closer, and in so doing, pulled her bottom up a bit higher, exposing more of the little one's tender skin.  This caused the young royal much distress, and already she looked as if she might cry, even before her spanking began!  Godmother had fully intended to give this royal brat a taste of her hairbrush, just as the King himself  had endured only hours previous.  Yet upon seeing the Princess so distressed, her heart melted ever so slowly, but not her hand.  It descended with a crack that is well known to children of all ages, that unmistakably sound of an adult hand coming in full contact with a naughty bum. 
"Ow!  Godmother Please!"
And that was just the first spank, and delivered rather lightly too.  A matching pink hand print soon landed on the opposite cheek, and then more spanks followed, each slightly overlapping the last, each alternating cheeks.  It didn't take many spanks for the Princess to be thrashing with all her might and for tears of frustration to run down her flushed face.  Any novice would have called the spanking to an end and declared the royal repentant, but Godmother was wiser.  This child probably was sorry, but not for her actions, sorry only that now she was receiving the consequences.  The two are completely different, but a few more good spanks should bring her around.  So Godmother once again began at the top of her pink bum, which was already fading to pale rose, and began the second set of spanks.  These were slightly harder and more varied.  She still laid a spank to the right cheek, then the next to the waiting left cheek just opposite, only she added a third spank as well which overlapped the two just delivered.  This would really cause a lasting sting in the young bottom, and serve as a good reminder for well mannered behavior.  This process was repeated until Godmother had reached the crevice where the bottom ends and meets the thighs.  Such a sensitive spot that is too!  She very purposefully delivered two good spanks here, insurance that this discussion would indeed not be forgotten in the near future.  The Princess' reaction was to kick all the harder and allow more tears to streak her little face.  In all maybe only twenty spanks, and not very hard ones either, had been dealt her, but to this little girl she felt as if her entire backside had been whipped raw.  Yet such is the interpretations of young children!   Godmother smiled down on the pinky bottom before her, not really red, but definitely a shade darker than the previous rose color.  The Princess was sniffling and crying all at once, attempting to talk in something that sounded thus:
The last word seemed to go up quite an octave as it was on that word that the last stinging smacks were dealt to her tender lower curve of her bottom.  Godmother paused to listen to the "I'm Sorries" spilling out and was satisfied.  It was a much lighter sentence than she had originally intended, but then one needs to stop when the child is remorseful,  and not when the disciplinarian feels repaid for their efforts and frustration.   At first the little girl didn't understand it was over, all she could feel was this immense heat and sting scalding her bottom like the embers floating off from a large fire.  Gradually Godmother helped her to rise, and then lifted the girl onto her lap.  Rocking the Princess, she smoothed back her hair and explained that would happen every time she was naughty, which was anytime she refused to obey those placed in charge over her well-being.  When she had quieted a little, Godmother walked her to a corner of the room, placing her nose right in the crevice.
"You will remain in this corner Princes, and think about how you can change your ways so as to avoid another spanking in the future.  No rubbing!  I want your hands by your side, just like that!"
Her nightie had been pinned up, and her pantaloons were still loosened, so the pink bottom was on display, a testament to the consequence of disobedience in the future.  The Princess thought she could hear her name being called, and opened her eyes to see who it was.  But she was no longer in the corner, she was in her own bed, and her dear Godmother was standing beside her.
"Princess, Wake up! Your father is requesting your presence, you must dress!"
Meekly she climbed out of bed, noting that her nightie was not pinned, nor were her pantaloons loose.  But there was a sting to her bottom, a low ache that told a different story.  The little girl rushed to the tall mirror as directed, partly in obedience, but mostly to look at her stinging bum.  Godmother helped her loosen all the strings and bows, and pull on the new undergarments and dress, and of coarse stockings and slippers.  But not once could the Princess find even a pink fingerprint on her white bottom.  It was as if the spanking never occurred.  She wondered if it was just a silly dream, but then how did one explain the mysterious sting that the heavy garments only prolonged?  Grasping Godmother's hand, the unusually subdued child quietly followed her to the King's study, clutching her broken doll as Godmother requested.
"Maidens, did I not also request the presence of the Princess this morning?  Were you unable to prepare her in time?"
His words hung like a dark omen over the room.  As the girls shifted uncomfortably, vainly attempting to conjure the right words to appease the King, a sharp knock to the study door interrupted further conversation.  The palace guard walked in, announcing Godmother and Her Royal Highness, the Princess.  Ushering them to the King's side, the guard quickly dismissed himself, and closed the heavy doors once again.  Godmother was quick to break the silence, dropping a deep curtsy in front of the Royal family.
"Your Majesty, I do apologize for the tardiness of these maidens and I.  Our delay was inexcusable, My King, yet we tarried to tend to the young Princess.  I believe she herself would like to explain the events to you, if you'd be so kind."
The Princess looked uneasy as she stepped closer to her father, still holding her broken doll.  She wasn't sure why, but she felt compelled to admit that her tantrum had caused their lateness.  Beneath her heavy dress, her bottom still had that odd sting, which was sore but not necessarily painful.  Was it guilt she felt?  Or remorse?  These were all new emotions to her, and she was still confused over her supposed dream from only minutes prior.   
"Princess, whatever happened to your doll?  It seems to have shattered?"
The King's words were not harsh, merely full of concern  as he took the broken toy and examined her closer.
"I threw her Papa, when my maidens tried to wake me.  I had wanted to stay asleep..."
The Princess faltered, seeing the changed expression on the King's face.  It had hardened, and though not angry in appearance, there was a definite show of annoyance. His guard had specifically announced his command to see her, and she had defied him.  Just how disobedient was his only child, that she would refuse even his request?   
"Had not the maidens told you that the King commanded your presence?"  He asked, his voice sounding very stern.
"Well, yes Papa..."
"And you still chose to disobey, and break your doll no less?"
"You could replace the doll Papa and I was tired..."
"And you understand that your handmaidens could have been seriously disciplined for your disobedience?"
"But they're only servants Papa...."
The King had heard enough and was growing increasingly irate, He had only called her in to see him apologize to the young maidens, but now he saw that she needed a stronger hand than that.  Godmother was right, this little girl would one day be Queen, and her tempers must be stopped now.  The King had a decision to make that would change his daughter's life forever.  Should he change his own edict?  The very law his wife had urged him to draft upon the birth of their child?  And what to do now?  The King knew what he should do, but could he?
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Re: Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 3
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2006, 02:49:31 AM »
 :unsure: uh oh

love the magical dream spanking!

Now don't be so mean you don't have to wait a week or so for the next part! 


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Re: Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 3
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well done as usual Annie :D


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Re: Tails of a Spoiled Princess PT 3
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"And you understand that your handmaidens could have been seriously disciplined for your disobedience?"
"But they're only servants Papa...."

Oh my....  8O
I sense the Princess may have a rocky road ahead of her  :whistle: but so well deserved  :D

Great writing, and a great plot Annie!  :bow:
May the tawse be with you.