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When My Wife was Away
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When My Wife was Away

As you know from my other stories, my wife spanks me.  But when she was gone for a week on a business trip, I thought I wouldn't be spanked and could do anything I wanted to do.  So I thought I would wait until she was due back in town before I cleaned up the house, but until then, I would live like a sloppy single bachelor again.

My wife left on early Monday morning for the airport, so by Wednesday, the dirty dishes were piled in the sink and on the counters, my dirty clothes were all over the house, and the bathroom was a real mess.  There were beer bottles all over the living room floor along with pizza boxes.  But I wasn't concerned because I was going to clean everything before my wife arrived on Sunday morning.

After work on Thursday, I came home and changed into my sweatshirt and pants.  I had more pizza delivered at 6:00 PM and brought out a case of cold beer as I watched television.  At about 7:00 PM, I was surprised when the doorbell rang.  When I answered the door, a woman was standing there with a large suitcase.  She was dressed in a black business suit with a tight short black skirt.  I am about six feet tall, and I was surprised how tall she was, because I could look her straight into her eyes.

"My name is Jill, and your wife asked me to stop by and make sure you are doing okay."  She said.

"I'm okay.  You can tell her that."  I told her as I began to shut the front door.

"Don't shut the door!"  She said.  "Your wife wants me to make sure you are alright.  I need to see the inside of the house to make sure your doing okay.  So please grab my suitcase and let me in."

So I picked up her suitcase and let her in.  While she looked around in nearly every room in the house, she said, "Please clear a spot for my suitcase on the dining room table and open it and place its contents on the dining room table."

I had also made a mess on the dining room table, so it took a while to clear off the table.  When I finally placed the suitcase and opened it, I was surprised because there were various paddles, canes, spanking implements, as well as rope, cuffs, and other stuff.  I put all of this stuff on the table and put her suitcase under the table.  Jill finally finished looking at all of the rooms of the house and joined me in the dining room.

"Clyde, I'm really flabbergasted how messy the house is while your wife is away.  That is why she wanted me to see the house while she is away, and to deal with you accordingly."  Jill said.

"I plan on cleaning up the house on Saturday night before she comes home on Sunday."  I said.  "Everything is okay, so you can leave now!"  I was hoping Jill would just leave the house, and not use any of her stuff on me.

"Your wife asked me to check out the house and spank you if the house was messy.  Well, it is really messy, so you will now receive a spanking from me."  Jill said.  She sat on a wooden dining room chair and said, "Take off your sweat shirt and come over to me."

"But I don't want to be spanked!"  I complained.  "I could clean the house right now, while you are here.  Would that satisfy you?"

"Your wife gave me specific directions to spank you if the house was a mess.  If you don't accept the spanking, she will triple the spanking you would have received from me, once she arrives home."  Jill said.  "So what will it be?"

A regular spanking from my wife was sometimes painful, and a triple spanking would be unbearable, so I said, "I don't want a triple spanking from my wife, so I guess I will submit to a spanking from you."  Then I took off my sweatshirt and walked over to her.  I wasn't expecting anyone to come over to the house, so I was wearing nothing under my sweatpants.

 "Follow my orders and you spanking will not last long or be painful, but if you complain and don't follow my orders, your spanking may last all evening.  So don't say anything unless I ask you to talk, and put your hands on your head while I examine you."  Jill said.

As I faced her, I watched her eyes look me up and down.  "Now turn around so that I can see your ass."  So I turned around still keeping my hands on my head.  I could feel Jill hands on my bottom.  "It feels like you aren't wearing anything under your sweatpants.  That's good.  Let me take them down for you and please step out of them."

Now I felt very embarrassed as she dropped my sweatpants to my ankles and I stepped out of them.  I was standing completely naked in front of her.  Then I felt her hands on my bare bottom.  "You certainly have a very spankable ass.  Now turn around so that your front."

I couldn't help it, but I had a big erection.  "It looks like you enjoy being spanked."  Jill said.  "I'm going to take off my suit jacket, roll up my sleeves, and hike up my skirt.  Then I want you to bend over my knees for the first part of your spanking."  As she took off her jacket and rolled up her sleeves, she grabbed several paddles from the table.  She sat back down and I watched her as she hiked up her skirt.  I could see her white panties as she spread her thighs apart and grabbed my arm.  "Over you go.  Place your hands and feet on the floor and place your penis between my thighs."

As I went over her lap, I was aware of nice smelling perfume.  And once my erect penis was between her thighs, Jill closed her legs tightly together and I was now held in place.  I could also feel her warm nylon-covered thighs on my own stomach and thighs.  She then placed the paddles on the floor by my head so that I was able to see what she planned to spank me with.  I next felt a tapping on my inner thighs.

"Spread your legs for me so that I can thoroughly spank you."  As I spread my legs, I was now aware that I was totally exposed for my spanking by a woman that I had just met.  Then she started to spank me by hand.  In between spanks, she would feel my poor bottom and sometimes embarrass me more by feeling me between my legs.  When she did this, I would squirm around on her lap.

"Stop moving around so much, or I will have to change spanking positions."  Jill said.  I quit moving around so much until she started to use the paddles on me.  They really stung my bottom, so I moved around a little.

"Your wife didn't tell me that you squirmed around a lot when spanked.  But I have a way to keep you in place.  Stand up a minute and keep your hands at your side.  Don't you dare try to rub your ass."

Although I wanted to rub my poor warm bottom, I stood up and kept my arms at my sides.  Jill stood up and placed the chair so that its back was towards me.

"Bend over the chair and grab the lower rung of the chair for the rest of your spanking."  After I bent over the chair she said, "Don't move while I secure you in place."

Then I watched her as she put wrist cuffs on me and secured my wrists to the chair with some rope.  She tapped the insides of my thighs and said, "Spread your legs apart for me."  I really didn't want to expose myself to her, so I spread them apart by only a foot.

"Spread them apart more than that."  I felt her grab each ankle and she placed my feet outside of the bottom feet of the chair.  Then I felt ankle cuffs on me, and she secured my legs to the chair with rope.  Now I felt completely vulnerable and under her control.  With my legs spread apart like this, my penis and balls were totally exposed and dangling between my legs and my already spanked bottom was totally exposed.  Now Jill could do anything to me and I was totally helpless.

"I want to make sure you never make a mess like this when your wife is away."  Jill said.

"Please don't spank me anymore!"  I said.  "I won't make a mess like this again."

But she started to spank me again, but this time with a riding crop.  Jill was giving mixed feeling of both pain and pleasure because she would flick the crop between my legs, whip my poor ass with the crop, and also use her hands to soothe my warm bottom.  I didn't know what to expect next, pain or pleasure.  And I was tied so securely to the chair so I was unable to move.

After she spanked me some more with the riding crop and some paddles she asked, "Has your wife ever used the cane on you?"

"No, she hasn't."  I replied.

"Well I'm going to give you six strokes of the cane.  This way you will remember your spanking from me.  I want you to count out loud each stroke you receive, and say 'Thank you, ma'am', after each stroke.  Do you understand?"

"Yes I do."  I replied.

I then felt a hard swat from a paddle.  "From now on, always refer to me as ma'am.  Is that understood!"

"Yes ma'am."  I replied.

Then I felt a tapping on my tender and well spanked bottom, I heard a whistle, thenů


It took me a while to catch my breath.  It felt like a hundred bees had stung me in a roll.  "One.  Thank you, ma'am."

"Very good.  You can see why the cane was very successful in changing behaviors of young boys in England.  Get ready for number two."


It felt like a fire in a straight line had stretched across my poor naughty bottom.  "Two.  Thank you, ma'am."


"Three.  Thank you, ma'am."


"Four.  Thank you, ma'am."  The pain from the caning was very intense.


"Five.  Thank you, ma'am."

"You are doing very well."  Jill said.  "I'm glad I secured you to the chair.  Otherwise, you probably would be standing up and rubbing you ass.  Get ready for the last and hardest stroke."


"Six.  Thank you, ma'am."

Then I saw her grab a bottle of lotion from the table.  Soon I felt her rubbing the cool lotion into the six parallel welts from the cane.  It felt so good.  Next I felt her applying the lotion between my legs and on my balls and penis.

"Do you have some paper towel?"  Jill asked.

"They are in the kitchen, ma'am."  I replied.

Once she had the paper towels, she came back between my legs and stroked my penis until I had a big release and she milked me into the paper towel.  Then she undid the rope and cuffs and allowed me to stand up and rub my bottom.

"Since your wife will return on Sunday morning, I will return on Saturday evening at 7:00 PM."  Jill said.  "Then I will inspect both the house and your bare spanked ass.  I expect you to have a very clean house and be prepared for another spanking.  So help me pack up my suitcase and show me out."

"Do you really need to spank me again, Jill?"  I asked.

To my surprise, she grabbed my arm and forced me over the chair.  "You are always suppose to refer to me as ma'am.  And never complain about getting a spanking.  Instead, you should thank me for spanking you.  So now you will receive two more strokes of the cane.  Be sure to stay in position."


"One.  Thank you, ma'am."  It really hurt but I stayed in position.


"Two.  Thank you, ma'am."  Then I felt her rub some more lotion on me.

"You can stand up and rub your bottom, then help me pack up and leave."  Jill said.

It felt funny helping her with the paddles and stuff that she had just used to spank me.  I helped her carry the suitcase to the door and said, "Thank you for spanking me, ma'am.  The house will be all cleaned up when you come over on Saturday."

"It was a pleasure to spank you.  Your wife really cares about you.  Be sure to wear your sweatpants and shirt again.  It makes it easier to spank you."  Jill said.  Then she walked to her car and I went to my bedroom and laid on my stomach.  I now had a very sore and tender naughty bottom.