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Sarah Jane Part 9
« on: May 23, 2006, 09:38:51 PM »
Sarah and Jacob cuddled close together. Jacob softly rubbing Sarah’s burning backside. They each admitted to the other they had feelings for each other. Jacob told Sarah how much he cared for her. He told her that her rude and destructive behavior would have to stop. Sarah began to pout. A firm look from Jacob stopped that in it’s tracks. Her bottom was in no way in any hurry for another spanking. After cuddling for a while and talking they decided to go for a walk. They opened the door to the bedroom, only to almost fall head first over a picnic basket. Along with the basket were pillows, a blanket, and a note. The note read: I have gone to town for the afternoon. You will find lunch for both of you in the basket. The extra pillows are for Sarah to sit on. Love Isabella. Jacob laughed and Sarah rolled her eyes. Jacob picked up the pillows and handed them to Sarah and picked up the basket and blanket, he then held out his arm for Sarah and the two took off hand in hand.

The ranch was beautiful especially in the fall time of the year. The leaves were beginning to turn their golden colors. Jacob was actually a hopeless romantic at heart. He loved fall of the year. The turning leaves, apple cider, a nice cozy fire in the fireplace. He just needed a lady to share his nights with. He hoped he had her on his arm right now. He hoped to make her his wife.

Jacob found a nice place for the picnic, right at the beginning of a grove of trees. He and Sarah stopped and he spread the blanket out. He put the pillows Sarah was carrying down on the ground and then sat down and patted his lap for Sarah to sit down on. Sarah winced still as her bottom made contact with Jacob’s lap. Jacob could not help but chuckle. Sarah folded her arms in a pout, “Oh so you think it is funny, big boy? I fail to see the humor in it.” Sarah snapped. Jacob rubbed her hair out of her face, “You get snippy little lady and you will need more than pillows for you backside. Understand??” “Yea I understand,” snapped Sarah “Excuse me?” Said Jacob, Tapping Sarah’s backside.
“Yes sir.” Sarah whispered.

Jacob set out the food Isabella had made. Inside the basket they found fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans and peach cobbler, a traditional southern picnic. Jacob and Sarah enjoyed a nice meal. They laughed and had a wonderful time. It was the first time Jacob had seen Sarah light up like she did, since before the death of her parents. Jacob decided a walk would be nice to walk off some of Isabella’s good cooking.

Jacob and Sarah walked hand and hand through the woods. Enjoying each other’s company and both wondering where the future would take them. “Sarah,” Jacob said, “I think you need to be at the barn at 7 a.m. sharp everyday this week for lessons on proper horse care.” “What?? Are you crazy?” Sarah’s temper flared. “Nope” ,said Jacob, “I think you would be wise to obey.” He said as he patted her bottom. “Sarah answered with a begrudging “Yes sir.”


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Re: Sarah Jane Part 9
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I cant find the quote thingy! so i copied and pasted.............. anyway!!!
 Im Southern and i just ate that whole meal today but i didnt have the cobbler :frust: but i did have sweet patato pie!!! LOL
on to part 10 YAY!!!

"Jacob set out the food Isabella had made. Inside the basket they found fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans and peach cobbler, a traditional southern picnic."
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