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Title: Kaycie and Parking Tickets M/F
Post by: Cheekie on February 09, 2009, 02:20:25 AM
Enjoy :) :respect:

Kaycie new she was being silly and taking a chance when she hid the parking ticket in her glove box because if he, her lover John, found it there would be hell to pay.


But at the time she was more worried about the spanking she knew she would get if she told him straight away and she figured she could pay it without him knowing and save herself the punishment.


Then she made another mistake a few days later by not putting petrol in the car on the way home and asking him if he could do it for her while she got ready for work in the morning.


Kaycie was in the shower when she realized her mistake “oh crap!” she thought

“He is going to put the receipt in the glove compartment and find the ticket”

“I am in big trouble” she said to herself as she felt her bum start to tingle.

“He is going to give me a good hiding for this cause I lied to him”

“Oh why didn’t I just tell him at once cause then I would have probably just got a few smacks for being lazy”


Kaycie knew the one thing her Lover hated was being lied too and he would punish her severely for this, she had to think quickly how to get back into his good books.


She rushed into the bedroom and put on her sexiest undies and a work suit with a skirt instead of trousers, so he could see she was wearing stockings and suspenders, she knew that this would turn him on and maybe just maybe he would let her off with a few smacks and a good telling off. But she also knew that this was very unlikely too as he was a very strict Man and she had been a very naughty girl.


Kaycie heard the front door slam it made her jump and she thought “ oh shit he is pissed”, she put both hands on her bottom and rubbed it gently as she remembered the last time she had been caught lying.


This is what happened then:-


It had been a Saturday morning and they were just getting ready to leave the house to go out for the day, when he had opened the previous day’s post and seen her credit card bill.

She had bought some shoes, even though he had told her not to, and being a lazy girl again did not go to the cash point but put it on her card.


He yelled “Kaycie Deanna Jones get your arse in here now”

She knew it was trouble so she said “Daddy we're late we have got to go”

He came rushing out of the room and took her by the arm.

He showed her the CC statement and said “There is a purchase on here for new shoes young lady, did I not tell you no more shoes!!!”

She stuttered “but, but well yes but oh I am sorry I didn’t mean to disobey you”

“they were just so pretty”

She then asked in a very small voice “what are you going to do to me”

He growled “ you lied to me young lady and youu know I hate lies”

She trembled and said “OH NO I didn’t lie John I just did not tell you”

He growled again “it is the same thing” “you young lady are going to learn never to lie to me again … DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!!”

She wriggled and said “please please Daddy don’t” as he slid his hand around her and undid her trouser top button.


He slowly slid her trousers down and bent her slightly over.

He said as he was doing this

“I know we have to go out, but this is to give you something to think about all day because when we get home young lady, you and I are going to have a very long chat and I promise you this it will be a long long time before you even think about lying to me again Kaycie”


He then pulled her panties down too and started to slap her sexy bottom very hard and fast.


She wriggled and gasped as the sting was like someone had put a thousand hot needles in her bum.


She cried out in pain and surprise “Oh no please Daddy, I am so sorry don't spank me now it really stings and I wont be able to sit down all day, please stop”.


He held her tightly against him so one hip was buried in his crotch and continued to spank her for five minutes, even though to her it felt like an eternity. He said “when I am done you will go upstairs and change your clothes, you will put on a skirt and no panties and that is what you will be wearing all day missy”

He followed up this comment by slowly slapping each cheek of her bottom very hard and slowly ten times, she squealed with each slap “yes daddy I understand OW OW OW Ouch Oh Please”

He finished off her lesson with twenty hard fast slaps right in the middle of her bum which had her jumping from foot to foot and squealing “oh oh oh please oh I will be good all day I promise I promise owwwww ohhhhh ouch”


He stopped spanking her and held her there and rubbed her bottom so he could feel the heat there, she gasped and sniffled “he told her that she was a very naughty girl and that he would deal with her further when they came home.

She gasped again and almost came as she pictured the punishment she was going to receive and also the serious Sex Session she was going to get after.

All she could mange to say was “oh daddy!” as she wriggled on his fingers while reaching behind to rub her very sore and sorry bum.



Before he let her go upstairs he hugged & kissed her, she pressed her body close to his, but this earned another hard slap on her already sore bum.


As she was running upstairs he yelled after her “oh don’t forget to put on those new shoes after all you are definitely going to be paying a lot for them”


She giggled and said “Thanks John”


When she came down after changing he told her to turn around and lift her skirt so he could check and make sure she had done as instructed.


She did as she was told and he bent her slightly forward, this made her think she was about to be smacked again and she begged “oh no daddy it is so sore already please wait until we come home please”


He rubbed her bum slipped his hand between her legs to feel that she was still very wet, “aahhh mmmmn” she groaned. He stood her upright and told her to open the door and he marched her out to the car with his hand still up between her legs, she was blushing furiously as he put her into the car with her bare stinging bottom directly touching the leather seat then he slipped his hand out from under her and went around to the other side.


He got into the car and started to drive towards the beach where they were meeting friends, she could not sit still her bum was still stinging from the spanking.

He turned to her and said “you will be squirming a lot more later tonight Baby Girl, you have been very bad and need a good lesson don’t you?”


She laid her head on his shoulder and with a sexy smirk she said " Oh yes daddy"





She snapped out of her remembering when she heard her daddy yell out “Kaycie Deanna Jones get your arse down here now”.


She felt herself getting wet already from the fear and anticipation of the discipline she so hated but knew she needed and loved.


She breathes a sigh touches between her legs and rubs her bottom and says quietly to herself “Oh gosh I so love and hate him when he is like this hmmmn wooo” then she calls out “coming daddy” and runs down the stairs to the only man who has ever really loved her.


Her legs go weak at the sight of him and the thick leather belt he is holding in his hands and says “I have been a very naughty girl and deserve to be punished.


But that is another story.
Title: Re: Kaycie and Parking Tickets
Post by: eNoggi on February 09, 2009, 02:41:43 AM
“OH NO I didn’t lie John I just did not tell you”

I wanted to laugh out loud on that part.

but this is so good and the intimacy was well
written. you must do more~!

encore, encore!

Title: Re: Kaycie and Parking Tickets M/F
Post by: Dusty on February 09, 2009, 05:34:46 AM
 :D   Well written and entertaining... good to see you back Kaycie.  :roll: :roll: :whistle:
Title: Re: Kaycie and Parking Tickets M/F
Post by: Cheekie on February 09, 2009, 07:01:54 AM
Thank you dusty an Nogi :hug:
Title: Re: Kaycie and Parking Tickets M/F
Post by: Paddy on February 17, 2009, 10:10:18 PM
Have to agree with those two brats who replied before me - we want more  :clap: