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« on: August 14, 2005, 08:00:14 PM »
Ken and Bev - 3

The next morning Bev came down to breakfast dressed in a cute business-like pantsuit, bright-eyed and obviously well-rested.   Ken had arrived a short time earlier, and had the morning paper and a window table.  After briefly looking over their menus they ordered... each picking the featured breakfast... 2 each of eggs, bacon, link sausage, and whole wheat toast with fried potatoes, and a bottomless supply of coffee.  Breakfast completed, they chatted for a while about the coming review meeting.  They noted a major problem that had cropped up in the meeting the previous afternoon.  Larry, a new employee on Bev's staff. turned out to be a nitpicker who couldn't or wouldn't accept guidance regarding review comments.  The review meetings were not intended for minor editing but to identify and resolve any significant errors, omissions, or major problems with the 400-page technical document.  An experienced technical editor would clean up typos, grammar and such before publication. 

Larry had started off his review of the document at the first paragraph on page 1 with a line-by-line editorial critique focusing on typos, grammar and word choice..  This continued for a couple of pages until Ken interrupted, asking if he had any substantive problems with the data, analyses, or conclusions.  Ken suggested that he summarize those now and then leave his nicely marked up copy for the  local team to go over at their leisure, meanwhile time was limited and there were other reviewers to hear from and other things to accomplish during the 2-day meeting.

On the way up to their rooms to prepare for the morning meeting,  Ken cautioned Bev to keep Larry in check, if she had to squelch him in front of the group. so be it.  Bev looked kind of dubious and remarked that she really didn't feel that  she should embarrass him that way, but Ken cut her short reminding her that Larry had had his warning and should have learned from the day before..  "Bev,  you should be aware that you are in an informal management training program.  When your boss learned that I was leading this meeting, he asked if I would I would mentor you ..... take you under my wing so to speak "   

"Yes, he explained that... and I really appreciate your willingness to give me suggestions or guidance."  Bev was silent for several minutes, deep in thought as she walked along beside Ken.   " I guess the problem is that I am reluctant to rebuke one of my staff in front of his peers." 

"Bev.... if we are to accomplish the review and scheduling for completion of this report, we have to stay on schedule.  If I have to step in again. I will..... but you  and I will have it out later.  You are expected to provide your staff with guidance and training, and keep them in line. ... not leave it to someone from another office.  You need to have a talk with Larry before the morning meeting and be sure that he understands just what is expected in these review sessions."   Bev nodded her agreement and told Ken that she would try to keep the loose cannon under control.  He grinned as he landed a light swat on the seat of her slacks. remarking that she darn well better.

The meeting went off well until the middle of the afternoon session when all significant problems had been identified and decisions were being made as to what additions, corrections and changes had to be made before the document was ready for printing.  Larry interjected that he thought the editorial issues also needed to be addressed during the meeting.  Ken reminded him that some of the reviewers would be leaving marked up copies of the draft for the team to use while making revisions.... and that a technical editor would review it before printing.  As Larry launched into an argument as to why this was not satisfactory, Ken gave Bev a look of frustration hoping she would squelch Larry. When she didn't, Ken interrupted Larry', telling him that editorial comments were not an item for this meeting.   Ken quickly summarized the review comments and identified changes, corrections, and additions needed before the document could be printed.  The meeting broke up in time for all to get down to the Rawhide Bar at the start of Happy Hour.   .

All except for Ken and Bev ........  Ken asked Bev to meet him at his room to discuss the meeting after she stopped by her room to leave off her files and check for phone messages.  Soon there was a soft knock on the connecting door and Bev, looking a bit apprehensive, came into his room  and sat on the edge of the bed.  Ken walked over beside her and, taking her chin in his hand, tipped her head up to gaze into her eyes.  "You know what you have coming young lady .... you need to have a serious discussion with Larry.... he may be fresh out of college, but he needs to learn to listen to and follow instructions.."   

"I know.  I did talk to him before the meeting and he said he understood and agreed to limit his review comments to major issues.  He caught me totally by surprise when he started off on editorial nitpicking again.  He knows I am very unhappy with his performance and  is meeting me in my room after dinner to discuss it further." 

Ken raised his eyebrows in surprise, then grinned as he explained that she wasn't off the hook yet, she was still getting a spanking as an incentive to perfect her management skills.  He sat beside her on the bed and told her to stand, strip down her slacks and panties, and lay facedown over his left thigh.  He adjusted her so that her bottom peaks   .... still very faintly pink from last evening's spankings .... were nicely arched and a perfect target.   

Bev clenched her bottom and protested a bit as Ken's right leg  pinned her scissoring legs and he moved her protecting right hand to the middle of her back... SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK  Ken's strong right hand landed fast hard spanks across both peaks. then covering the center of each jutting peak in turn   SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK   ...   SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK .   Bev yelped and squirmed, her bottom flattening and jiggling, as the stinging spanks landed,
Ken paused a moment to admire the reddening bottom, then landed a series of spanks on each flank ....his brad hand covering each nicely   SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK   ...   SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK .   Bev howled  and struggled but Ken held her firmly for the next volley of spanks... at the base of her bottom and across backs of upper thighs ..   SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK   ...   SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK .   Bev sobbed and squirmed, frantically protesting and promising anything for the spanking to stop  Ken landed a final series across her now beet red bottom ... .  SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK   ...   SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK .   SMACK  SMAACCK   CRACK .....  and eased her onto her feet, watching as she frantically rubbed her hot scarlet bottom and did a spankee jig.   

Taking her in his arms for hugs and comforting he gently dried her teary face.  After she had recovered a bit and was relaxed ion his lap, Ken suggested that she scoot across to her room and get freshened up for dinner.   She wrapped her arms around he neck, hugging him close, then held his face between her sort cool hands to give him a soft lingering kiss.  "I deserved that spanking, I knew at the meeting that I should have spoke to Larry and not left it for you to step in.   Larry and I will be discussing his performance this evening at 9:00 and I wonder if I could borrow your belt .... the only one I brought with me is thin and kind of flimsy.... if you know what I mean."   .Ken grinned and agreed to her request ... she could pick up his belt just before then.

Hmmmm..... wonder what plans Bev has for wayward Larry??


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Re: SPANKOS MEET - part 3
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2005, 03:02:47 AM »
Ah worth the wait Dusty - loved the direction you took this in and can't wait for Larry to get his just-deserts  ;)

I too have a low tolerance for nit-pickers in meetings - although to be honest - I'm a natural nit-picker myself so it takes every ounce of my self-control not to do "A LARRY" in other people's meetings :D
Times change, and we change with them


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Re: SPANKOS MEET - part 3
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2005, 07:19:00 AM »
After reading this, I am positive that more spankings for management would make the world a better place :roll:
Okay if not that, at least save heaps of time for them to actually work :P
May the tawse be with you.