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The Family Project Introduction
« on: November 14, 2007, 04:37:20 PM »
The Family Project
Concept Based on the Bishoujo Game: Family Project


I want to introduce you to a family. A family that's, not really a biological family, but one that was formed out of needs and desires which were not being met anywhere else.

The purpose of the family project is to provide to people a group with which they live with for a year that they can call family. Roles are established very early, even before the family group meets for the first time, and those roles are played through the entire year without breaking out of them. Roles assigned has little to do with actual age and more to do with the age one feels. Even so, it is possible that someone who is older and feels/acts younger (such as Lisa below), still takes on the eldest role despite the fact someone else feels/acts older.

Think of it as the ultimate in reality programming.

Discipline is a very important part of the family project. All those playing children roles are expected to follow the rules as established by the parental roles or whoever is left in charge by the parental figures. Punishment for breaking rules can range from being grounded, to standing in the corner, to other forms of embarrassment and humiliation, and of course also include corporal punishment of varying degrees.

Daily life happens still for people involved in the family project. You'll note that Rosey below is STILL a school teacher and goes to work everyday. Ronald still is a businessman and has military contacts that he deals with, and so forth.

When a family is formed they are assigned a living location appropriate to their family size with which the family will remain in for the full year. Very rarely is a place of total luxury assigned. Those operating in the family project are expected to contribute their fully income to the family money budget, which the family can then used as they deem depending on the rules systems the parents have opted to put into place. The typical system is parental authority rules but the "children" are allowed to give their input and advise on how they think money should be spent.

Money pooled is used to first pay rent, utilities and so forth and then is applied to any recreational things. Most parents do opt to give the children of the family a weekly allowance.

The author of this story invites people to write their own stories using their own cast of characters forming other families with them. From time to time, families may even end up interacting.....

For now, let's meet the cast of characters of the first family that has joined the family project.


This family has, for the most part, not yet officially met, but will in the coming days. We'll keep you updated on the family's progress as it develops.

Cassandra: Has agreed to play the role of the mother figure in this family. She's 52 years old, but a very young 52. She looked to be in her early 30's and is in top physical health. Though, mentally fragile, she can be a strong disciplinarian when the need arises. Her goal is to help the younger members of the Family Project learn as much as they can about both themselves, and the ever changing world around them. She's always wanted children, but has never been able to. She has been involved in three failed past marriages. She has no biological children of her own and no biological family left.

She has curly golden blonde hair which comes down to her ears and sparkling blue eyes. She stands roughly 5'10 and is thin and slender with a belly dancing figure.

Ronald: Opted to take on the father role. 50 years old, a stern businessman who knows how to keep business and fun separated. He came to the family project after five failed marriages and two sons who decided to disown him after they entered the air force. He was a former military special forces op. He was MIA in Vietnam, and managed to survive to be able to come home and with his mind completely in tact. Physically he can't move like he use to, but he still appears to be in good health for the most part. He sees himself as the primary disciplinarian of the family. As such, he is viewed as the father figure. Abused in his childhood, he refuses to talk about his biological family and his past marriages. He is a man clouded in mystery.

He is balding with crystal clear blue eyes. Muscular and yet rounded in the front. He comes across as charming, magnetic, and charismatic and stands roughly 5'9.

Lisa: The oldest "daughter" of the family. 48 years old, going on 16. She acts so much younger than her age that one would swear she was actually in her early 20's. Her appearance does not give her age away either, truly looking and appearing to be around 20ish. She came to the family project primarily to grow and to learn. Prior to moving in with the family project her life was boring and going nowhere. She escape from a failed 15 year relationship in which her husband was abusing his daughter from his previous marriage. She questions herself constantly, always filled with doubt, yet trying to put on a confident demeanor which often times comes across as more arrogant than confident. She has a co-dependent personality.  She was always getting into trouble growing up.  She is the only member of the project to still have a good connection with her biological family.

She has straight black hair which comes down to just below her shoulder. Her eyes are hazel and tend to be the most expressive of the group. She is a larger woman for her size. She stands 5'4.

Rosemary: The youngest "daughter" of the family. She's 38 going on 18. Rosemary is far too mature even for an adult. She never gets into trouble and she didn't growing up. A devout Catholic and religion is very important to her. She is a school teacher by profession and much of her time is spent actually outside of the family project. She views her role in the family as being one where everyone comes to her in order to have someone to confide in. Physically active, she loves being physically active either walking, running, climbing, jogging, skateboarding, or roller skating. She loves adventure, which is the very reason she opted to join the family project.

She's a big 4'11 with double D breasts. Her hair is straight brown and comes down to just above her shoulders. Her eyes are also brown and she is quite capable of giving off that puppy dog effect.

Jonathon: The oldest "son" of the family. He's 28 going on 14. Wise and full of wisdom, yet wanting to branch out and exert his independence. He is having constant battles of wills with authority figures in his life. Even so, he's a champion for justice, honesty, and truth. He has an anger problem which he has worked very hard to control, yet it sometime still gets the best of him. Hobbies include anything that involves being alone away from everyone else. He joined the family simply because he has no family and was tired of being a hermit.

He is 5'6 and has dark brown hair which varies in length depending upon his mood and the time of the year. His eyes are hazel and tend to change colors depending on his mood and the environment he is in. He wears glasses and is of average weight. He is not muscular, but makes up for it with heart and determination.

Tim: The youngest "son" of the family. He's 24 going on 12. Creative and imaginative he lives in a world of fantasy, yet he's also the most organized of the group. He experiences intense mood swings, which he hasn't quite got a grasp of. He connects well with most everyone, and yet also conflicts with almost everyone. The exception being Jonathon, with whom he is so close to and looks so much up to that he would never do so with him. He feels the same reverence and respect given back to him. He joined the family because he needed somewhere, after getting kicked out of both his mother and grandparents house, to live and because Jonathon was already a close friend of his.

Tim is around 5'2 and has short curly brown hair and green eyes. He is average weight and has some muscles for his height. He smokes, which is becoming more and more of a problem within this family of non smokers. 


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Re: The Family Project Introduction
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 :D  This promises to be interesting..... eager for more  :D :D