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Borrower's Regret
« on: March 11, 2006, 01:51:41 PM »

 by Alex B.
 Kim Baldrige glanced up at the clock. It was ten after five
 and everyone else in the office had left. She’d be halfway home
 herself if her boss, Henry Sharpe, hadn’t told her that he needed
 to talk to her after work. Kim was annoyed at having to wait.
 It was Friday and she wanted to get her weekend started as soon
 as possible. She’d met a cute guy at the supermarket a few days
 before and they’d made a date to see a movie that night.
 It wasn’t the sort of thing she did all the time, but he was
 awfully sweet and he did say she looked like Jennifer Aniston,
 which she did... a little.

 Mr. Sharpe, stuck his head out from behind his office door.

 “Come in here, Kim.” he said curtly and ducked back inside.

 Kim walked into the office and sat down in a chair facing
 Mr. Sharpe’s desk. It was rather dark in there with only the
 dying rays if the sun illuminating the room. Henry Sharpe sat
 at his desk, fidgeting with the lock on the company’s cash box.
 He was fairly distinguished looking for a man of forty-two.
 He had a few gray hairs and some lines that appeared on his
 forehead whenever he laughed or frowned.

 He was frowning at the moment.

 “Something serious has come to my attention, Kim and it may
 involve you.” Henry stated. “Money has been missing from the
 petty cash box a lot lately. It’s been going on for months.
 Sometimes it's five dollars, sometimes twenty. Whoever it is
 always puts the money back a day or two later, so we’re not
 really talking about at a thief here- just a compulsive borrower.
 I decided to mark some of the bills and see who ends up with them.
 The other night I drew a little star on the corner of some
 ten dollar bills and put them in the cash box. This afternoon,
 one of the tens was missing. Can I see your wallet please?”

 Kim turned and looked through the door at the leather purse on
 her desk. She had to think quickly.   
 “Well, I do have a bill like that in my wallet, but I got it from
 Janet in accounting. She gave it to me in change for a twenty at
 lunch today.”

 “I see. So you did see that star on the upper left hand corner?”

 “Sure, I saw it. But I didn’t think much of it. I thought somebody
 had just drawn a star on it, that’s all. I think you need to talk
 to Janet about this.”
 Henry folded his arms and sighed.
 “No, Kim. The thing is- there was no ten dollar bill with a star
 on it. I never marked any of the money at all.”

 Kim was confused for a moment and then realized how completely
 trapped she was. She looked down at the floor.
 “I’m sorry, Mr. Sharpe. I was going to put it back when I-”

 “I don’t doubt that you were going to return the money, Kim.
 That’s not the point. The point is, how can I trust you as an
 employee now? If you needed some cash you could have asked,
 but instead you just took it. And when you’re confronted with
 your actions, you not only lie about it, you try to pin the blame
 on someone else. This is all just completely unacceptable!”

 “I know. I know.” 
 “I can’t just let this slide by.” Henry said.

 “Oh, boy!” Kim thought. “Here it comes! He’s has me and now he’s
 going to want something... and I bet I know what!”

 Kim imagined herself on her knees in from of her boss, his hands
 running through her thick brown locks as she pleasured him with
 her mouth. Would she have to beg to suck his cock first?
 Would she have to swallow his come? She gulped at the prospect.
 Her saliva already seemed thick and salty.

 Then an alternative scenario flashed through Kim’s mind. She was
 bent over that desk with Mr. Sharpe taking her from behind.
 And how often would this be happening? Just once... or every day?!

 Her eyes began to glaze over.

 “Are you listening?” Henry’s voice broke in. “Now, as you know,
 I have a teenage daughter at home and if I caught Sarah doing what
 you did, if I caught her stealing money from my wallet, I’d have
 three ways of punishing her to choose from. I could put her on
 restriction, I could cut off her allowance for a while or I could
 put her over my knee and give her a good spanking. Now, I can’t
 put you on restriction and I know that you can’t afford to have
 your pay suspended. So, what does that leave us?
 “I guess you’ll have to spank me.” Kim said with a jittery laugh.

 The silence that followed Kim’s reply filled the room with tension.
 Henry stared at Kim in a way that told her that this wasn’t a
 laughing matter. Kim’s face went pale.
 “That’s exactly what I have in mind. I intend to take you across
 my knee, bare your bottom and give you the spanking of a lifetime.
 I'm going to scorch your backside so thoroughly that any future
 thoughts about borrowing company funds without permission will
 make your eyes water and your buns throb. Do you understand?”
 Kim’s mouth was a desert. Unable to speak, she simply nodded
 dumbly and tried to clear her throat.

 Henry continued.

 “If you’d rather quit than take this punishment, I’ll understand.
 I’ll give you your pay in cash and you can just get your things
 and leave. But you know that I won’t be able to give you any kind
 of reference. The two years you’ve put in here will just be
 wasted time.”
 “Does it have to be on my bare...”

 “Yes, it does. I’m not going to lie, Kim. I want this to be
 humiliating for you.
 “I know that, Mr. Sharpe and I know I deserve it, but I don’t feel
 right about exposing myself to you in that way.”

 Henry nodded understandingly.
 “I’ll tell you what- we can wait until Monday morning and I’ll
 spank you over your dress, but I’ll use a hairbrush instead of my
 hand and it’s going to be during office hours so that everyone can
 hear it.”

 Kim’s eyes widened at the thought of her coworkers listening to her
 humiliating ordeal. She could see them smirking at each other and
 snickering quietly as the sound of her cries and the brush smacking
 her bottom echoed throughout the office. Then there would be the
 unbearable chore of exiting Mr. Sharpe’s office with a tear-stained
 face and a burning bottom. No one would say anything, but they’d
 all know that just under that skirt was a freshly spanked fanny.
 And they’d all wince a little as she sat down at her desk, knowing
 how painful the act of sitting down must be for her. It was almost
 too embarrassing to imagine.   
 “No.” she said, standing up. “I’ll take it on the bare bottom
 right now.”
 “Fine. Let’s do it.”

 Henry rolled up his right sleeve as he scooted his chair away from
 the desk. He motioned for Kim to approach him. She walked around
 the desk and stood at Henry’s side.

 “Take your panties down and bend over my knee!” he ordered.

 Kim’s knees went a weak as he barked out the command and for a
 moment she froze. But then she willed herself to reach up under
 her dress, hook her thumbs beneath the elastic band of her panties
 and lower them until they fell to her ankles. She lifted the hem
 of her knee-length dress and carefully placed herself across
 Mr. Sharpe’s lap. Henry placed his left hand on Kim’s lower back
 and repositioned her slightly as to place her ass more accessible
 to his right. He made Kim wait with her bare bottom in the air
 for several agonizing moments, allowing her to contemplate her
 precarious situation. Kim’s face became flush as suddenly,
 a terrible thought crossed her mind.
 “The cleaning lady!” she said, over her shoulder.
 “Gone home already.” Henry replied.

 He then took careful aim and brought his hand down hard across
 the lower section of Kim’s left cheek. She gasped at the severity
 of the blow and was equally surprised by the swat that quickly
 followed, bringing a sudden dose of heat to her right cheek.
 The third swat, one that landed across the lower part of both
 cheeks was so hard tears welled up in her eyes as a result and
 the next two swats were so severe as to shake those tears loose.
 By the time forty slaps had come down across her cheeks, Kim was
 quietly weeping. The spanking was so painful that it was all she
 could do not to squirm and cry out with each swat, but instead she
 gripped the legs of the chair and gritted her teeth, determined not
 to make a childish spectacle of herself. Soon however, as the rain
 of spanks came down harder and faster, she found herself kicking
 and howling for mercy.

 Henry experienced a few pangs of guilt as again and again he
 lifted his hand and brought it down with a loud smack onto Kim’s
 trembling cheeks. After all, the woman across his knee suffering
 the humiliation of having her bare bottom soundly spanked was an
 employee he’d grown to know and respect as a friend over the last
 two years.

 “How can I be doing this?” he would think for an instant.

 But then, just as swiftly, he’d remember the breach of trust Kim
 had committed by taking that money without permission and suddenly
 he had no problem delivering another volley of stinging slaps to
 her deservedly rosy cheeks. He continued smacking Kim with loud
 stinging swats until her cheeks were no longer pink and splotchy,
 but were two mounds of solid red flesh. By then, Kim’s ass felt
 like it was made of molten glass and she was crying and kicking up
 a storm.
 Henry stopped for a moment, examining his work, then lifted his
 hand into the air and delivered one last resounding swat.
 What little dignity Kim had left was knocked out of her with that
 final slap. She fell limp across Henry’s lap and began to bawl
 like a heartsick schoolgirl. All the while, Henry gently massaged
 her warm, crimson cheeks.

 Eventually, Kim pushed herself from his lap and stood up. The young
 woman tried to maintain some degree of dignity, but was unable to
 stop herself from sobbing as she reached back, attempting to rub
 some of the sting from her aching buttocks.

 Henry got up from his chair and placed his hands lightly on
 her shoulders.

 “I hope you understand why I had to do this.”

 Kim wrapped her arms around Henry, hugging him tightly as she
 sobbed into chest.
 “I do.” she cried.

 Henry pushed her back a bit and put a finger under her
 trembling chin.

 “I also hope you understand that if you ever do anything like this
 again, I’ll take off my belt and really blister your bottom.”
 “I know.” she said. “Thank you.”

 Kim felt strangely relieved and free. Only one thing bothered her.
 How was she going to explain to her date why she had to stand all
 the way through the movie?

"I'll love you 'til you can't sit down!"


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Re: Borrower's Regret
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2006, 03:46:20 PM »
 :clap: :clap: :winner:    Well done :D


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Re: Borrower's Regret
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2006, 03:49:34 PM »
Yep, and the plot was great too  :clap:
Thank for sharing Alex  :thumbup:
May the tawse be with you.

Alex B.

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Re: Borrower's Regret
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 Thanks, Dusty and Paddy! More to follow.

 Your firm-handed friend,
 Alex B.
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Re: Borrower's Regret
« Reply #4 on: August 21, 2006, 01:15:02 AM »

 Thanks, Dusty and Paddy! More to follow.

 Your firm-handed friend,
 Alex B.

wanna be my firm handed friend? LOLOL but on a real note congrats all your stories are truly lovely!!!!
Life is so hard sometimes........but as long as i have god i shall overcome any and everything!

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Re: Borrower's Regret
« Reply #5 on: August 21, 2006, 11:11:13 AM »
wow alex that was so great i love all your storys i wanna read more  :clap: :clap: :thumbup: