Author Topic: How the brat happened  (Read 2969 times)


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How the brat happened
« on: June 16, 2005, 02:10:22 PM »
A repost - just because I found this saved from one of my mailboxes - before I lose it somewhere in the cyberspace completely, and just because I can.

How The Brat Happened
The butterly was dancing in front of her eyes, the glimmering of its wings was just too amazing for the little girl to resist. Something quite so beautiful that it was almost unreal. She followed it across the white fields, leaped across little ridges and potholes as if she was flying too. So incredible… so incredible that she had totally lost track of time and was already late from supper. Or would have been if she had known it was the time for it.
The distant sound couldn't reach her, well – her consciousness anyway…
-Hope! Get your little bottom at the dinner table RIGHT now,
wherever you are - or else!

Hope just kept hopping after the butterfly and pushed the sound that HAD actually managed to sneak in from the right ear, straight out from the left one.
Hop, hop, hopping on Heaven's floor
Hope, Hope hoping to catch that…

...suddenly she realized she had hopped once too many times – she was on freefall, so she  threw her hands over her eyes being too scared to look at the spiral she had fallen into, and was still falling!  :cry:
That's a good girl yeah just one more BIG PUSH and we're done, c'mon now lady, you can do it, on three okay? Ready?

Mommyyyy…  HELPPPP! :cry:
The newborn's desperate plea to be spared from this cruelty filled the hut, and the Medicine Man couldn't help but raise his eyebrow at the little babygirl, thinking to himself she sure had been reluctant and let everyone hear it too! Hmmm…   :glare:
He gave the traditional *smack* on her rear, not to find out if she had lungs, that was already obvious  but HOPING it would catch the baby's attention and silence her :shifty:

Ow!  8O
That's it!  :x
Stupid meanie Medicine Man doing a thing like that to a cute little angel like me!  :cuss:

From this moment - I swear - I will never listen to a word they -or anyone else- tells me to do, I'll just do as I please!  And there's NO-ONE who can make me :nope:

...with one little swing she managed to hit the darn Medicine Man in the nose :haha: and a satisfied little grin finally silenced her... :twisted:

:peep: How did I end up here and what if they don't understand me at all...?


I'm not HAPPY with the situation :frust:

And that, dear readers, is how the first BRAT was born  :D
May the tawse be with you.


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How the brat happened
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2005, 04:36:49 PM »
That is cute paddy .... good to hear the first-hand account of yuor birth :D  :D


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How the brat happened
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2005, 09:53:34 AM »
That's a sweet story, Paddy. I remember reading it a long time's just as good the second time around and I'm glad you posted it here.  :clap:


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Re: How the brat happened
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2006, 11:00:36 PM »
 :? :laughter: i guess i am a brat because that sounds like something i would/have done/ im doing right now LOL hubby's calling and its going in my right and going out my left but im about to :eek: b4 i end up like this :spank: :help: :smack:  :laughter:

buh Byeee 4 now anyway! LOL

Life is so hard sometimes........but as long as i have god i shall overcome any and everything!