Author Topic: Pirates : Yohoho and a little red bum (pt1)  (Read 2841 times)


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Pirates : Yohoho and a little red bum (pt1)
« on: April 03, 2005, 02:16:21 PM »
Kitty was staring over the railing of the ship.

Merchandise that was all she was, just like all the other goods on board of this blasted ship.  She touched the medallion with the picture of her parents, the only reminder of them she had.  They died in an accident when she was five, and ever since her father's brother – Uncle John – had been her legal guardian.  She had lived with him, at least when she wasn't in some private boarding school for Young Women, learning how to behave like a girl of her standing.
Oh yes, she had learned how to make a curtsey, which was the appropriate etiquette when dealing with Lords and Ladies, how to pour a perfect cup of tea, the dressing code for balls and parties – anything a future Lady should know.  
  But nothing of that had really interested her – she didn't want to be a Lady.
She wanted to learn about other countries, travel, maybe even get into trade, just like her parents had done.
But Uncle John didn't want to know about it.  He didn't want to spend his brother's gold on educating a girl. He had better use for it, and Kitty should be happy she had a roof over her head.

Kitty was pretty sure that if it wasn't for the money her parents had left her, Uncle John would never have taken her in.
She had gone along with her Uncle's wishes, because she had no other choice, passively taking his punishments for not behaving lady-like.  Apart from some servants no one knew they had taken place, as her Uncle knew where to lay his belt so that no one would notice any marks.  At first boarding school had looked like an escape, but she soon found out her Uncle choose schools for her that followed his method of "educating".
When she turned 18 Kitty had planned on leaving her Uncle and take up the studying and travelling she had always dreamed of.  But that hope was trashed when she was introduced to Gustave.
Gustave was one of her Uncle's associates.  He was retiring though – and was offering his share in the business to John – if he could have the hand of his niece in marriage.
Kitty had been horrified when she heard this.  She never had liked the man, he could have been her grandfather – he was 75!  And what was worse he was a not a gentleman at all, whenever he was over, he tried to touch her at places where a gentlemen shouldn't touch a woman without her permission.  

Uncle John had agreed on the marriage – and nothing Kitty said or did could change his mind, she had pleaded and cried but it had only angered him more.  The bruises on her back were proof of that.
And now here she was 2 weeks before her 18th birthday on a merchandise ship to the Caribbean … to be married to Gustave, whether she liked it or not.  The captain of the ship had been paid 50 gold galleons when she had been brought aboard – and he would receive another 50 when she was "delivered".
Kitty stared at the blue water of the ocean, but salty silent tears clouded her view.
With an angry gesture she wiped the tears off her face, she would get out of it somehow – she wasn't going to spend the rest of her life living as some "prized horse" to be shown off, and she'd rather die then have that old bastard touching her.  The thought alone gave her the creeps.
But how to thwart her Uncle?  

The captain was watching her every move – and she couldn't just jump ship.  She had no idea how far they were from the coast.
"Miss? Your Uncle wants you to join him in his cabin, right away."  The sailor smiled at her. He was quite handsome. She smiled back.  No! – now she was being foolish …
She sighed and made her way to her Uncle's cabin.
Kitty entered the room and made a curtsey, making sure she kept her eyes on the wooden floor.

"You asked for me, Sir?"

"Yes, as you know we are close to the next harbour, and I will leave the ship there.  I have given the Captain his instructions, so don't get any ideas in that pretty head of yours Young Lady. And in case you might be foolish enough to make any stupid plans, I'm giving one of my belts here, to him.  He'll be here any moment so I can show him the proper way of using it."
Kitty raised her head.  "Please Sir …"

"Prepare your self, now" his voice was low and menacing, and Kitty knew pleading had no use; it would only make things worse. With trembling hands she started to undo the buttons of her dress.
Her mind so focused on what was about to happen, she didn't hear the mayhem outside.  
The captain knocked and entered the room.

He didn't even look at Kitty.  "Sir there is a most important matter I need to discuss with you.  In private."

"Kitty – leave the room, I'll send someone for you when we are finished here."
Glad for the momentarily escape, Kitty quickly buttoned her dress again and left the room – closing the door softly behind her.
When she entered the deck she saw all sailors trooping together, pointing at a ship that seemed to be coming next side to them.

"What's going on?  What's that ship doing so close?  Are we supposed to meet someone here?"

The sailor who she had talked to before looked at her in disbelief.

"We are being attacked Miss – that's a pirate ship."
"Pirates?? But that ship looks just like ours."

"Look at the flag Miss, it's the Jolly Roger"


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Pirates : Yohoho and a little red bum (pt1)
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2005, 08:56:29 PM »
You certainly know how to make your reader's jaw drop  8O  - by ending like that!?  :nono:

And you also know how to grab full attention, planting TTWD in scenes like this, doing things outside of the box. I like that :D
Well done Jeanny  :hug: and I can't wait for more  :clap:
May the tawse be with you.


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Pirates : Yohoho and a little red bum (pt1)
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2005, 01:07:49 AM »
Mmm I agree with Paddy  :roll: it's a really imaginative place to set a spanking tale.

Hope you're not going to keep us too long before you post the next part

(I know, I know, I've got a cheek  :D )
Times change, and we change with them


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Pirates : Yohoho and a little red bum (pt1)
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2005, 02:48:51 AM »
Quote from: missmolly
(I know, I know, I've got a cheek  :D )

Yeah....ya got 4 of them ... and 2 are very spankable :rofl:  :rofl:  :clap: