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The Promise Pt 3
« on: January 01, 2008, 02:09:36 AM »
THE PROMISE, Part Three: Fiction

I can feel that I was already wet from my little fantasy of what I may be bound for very soon. I am sure he will pay good mind to that, weighing it over against my punishment. I am sent out of my trance of fancies when I hear someone fiddling at the lock of the front door. I peer out to see his SUV glistening bright on our driveway. The door I hear open as I rush up from the bed, snatching my silk robe from the door hanger, and proceed towards the stairs. The door shuts and heavy footsteps head down the hall. Then a voice calls out:

“Summer?” Abel almost chimes my name to a tune in his lusty English-Yorker accent that had me at hello the first time we met. He preferred to call me by my middle-name since it was his favorite season and thought it fit so well with me.

“I am here.” I meet eyes with his mystifyingly glinting gray eyes at the landing. My legs show in the short-cut, almost form-fitting robe I concealed myself in.

Abel shrugs out of his suit-jacket, never taking his eyes away from me. He is looking almost astonished. When he finally takes his eyes away, it is to place his jacket on the rack. I take this moment to I walk down the steps to confront him from a distance so he can still view my form if he dear liked.

“Oh, my. See a little peek shall we now?” His face lights up with the excitement of a child.

I smile and then please him with a long, observant peek under my robe. His childishly dazzled expression has now curved as he gives me a thorough examination with a wolfish smirk.

He whistles, “Oh, someone is looking damn sexy for her punishment, now aren’t ya? Mmm, fit, fit, fit.” As I close up my robe, he takes me by the waist and leads us into the dinning room where he can smell dinner waiting. “But first, against my anticipation, let us dine. I am famished.” When we arrived at the dinning table, Abel quickly gets seat. Just as I was about to seat myself, he snaps his fingers and makes a gesture that tells me that he wishes for me to uncork the wine on the table and pour both of us a glass of wine. He was delighted that I had finally grown of age, in his opinion, that I could responsibly drink a glass with him at the table.

I lean over where he is sitting since I placed the bottle closer to his end. As I had myself leaning over him, opening the bottle, he began rubbing my bum through the silk robe.

“What a cute, naughty ass you have… it is just askin’ to be spanked.” Abel gives by butt a good, hard smack that makes me jump immediately with a small yelp of surprise as I just almost spill the wine when I was pouring it into his glass just then, “Watch it, Babe, you know how much that can stain the white tablecloth. You wouldn’t want to be paying for that… or would you?” he gave me another slap then squeezed my left cheek with a sturdy but gentle grip. I am deciding to prolong where I stay so he can enjoy teasing me a bit longer to his satisfaction. I know he must be in a grand mood so I can be really looking forward to later.

“Maybe…” I grin, pouring his glass to the brim then giving myself a reasonable amount.

“Oh, you know you bloody well do, you bad girl.” He chuckles as he makes a search under my robe, pulling it aside to show my panties from under my gown. “These the ones I asked for?” He lifts up the gown then leans over to see the lollipop in his favorite spot. “Aye, my Summer-child knows what her daddy likes.” He snaps the elastic and it lands across my butt cheek with a light sting.

I blush as I set the bottle down to then take my seat, reluctantly not on his lap just yet.

Abel has to lean over his glass to sip it before picking it up since I filled it up so high. Usually he fusses over things like this but today he paid little mind to it. I talked with him over supper, asking how his day went and he told me just how great it was. For his great efforts in the company, he finally was acknowledged and given a promotion and a big raise in his salary to boot. He’ll be moving from his old desk to his own office by coming Monday. The excitement for him added to the greater excitement stirring up inside me. When we were finally done, I was about to take up the dishes to clear off and put into the dishwasher when Abel stops me.

“Just leave it, I’ll put them away. I need to freshen up a bit too; you just go meet me in the bedroom, Missy.” He says in a playfully authoritative tone as he shoves me gently out of the kitchen and grabs the dishes to put away.

“Yes, Sir!” I play along with a childlike spirit. I rush up the stairs and briskly stride into the bedroom. I sit on the end of the bed; my butt still tingles from the two sample smacks he gave me. When I hear him heading up the stairs, I am instantly overwhelmed with glee.

Abel heads into the bathroom and I hear the sink run quickly on then off, and soon he comes in, loosening his tie to take off. He tosses his tie to the side and it lands on the dresser. He knows from my look that I imply that as him making mess of the hard work I did to clean the place. After all, it did take me hours of hard effort and I hoped to keep it that way for a while. He grins, knowing what would excuse his little folly. He quickly unbuttons his shirt to uncover his tight, sleeveless undershirt, fit over his tantalizing, strong build; as he pulls his arms out their sleeves, he displays his toned biceps glazed with a nice deep tan. The little strip he is making an exaggerated show of is making the tension of passionate excitement rage inside me and he knows it well.

“Alright then,” He grins in my direction as he takes a seat on the chair, legs uncrossed oddly. “Let us get this show on the road, as they say.”

I nod then get up and go to his side. I was ready to just go over his lap when he stops me, shaking his head.

“Nuh-uh-uh, not just yet, Missy…” he takes one hand and holds it just above my belly button then gets his other hand on my backside. He spins me the other direction and decides for me to sit on his lap. “Not just yet, I say…” He caresses my chin.

“But why not?” I ask innocently and impatient, tracing the muscles on his chest.

“You didn’t give me a welcome-home kiss, you naughty brat.” He rubs my back, lightly pressing me towards him.

“Oh, well you didn’t ask for one…” I lean my forehead against his.

“Surely I’ll remember to do so next time…” He lifts his head up so that our lips meet. It is a sweet, short kiss but all the same it is sensational. He pulls away lightly, “how could kisses so good come from someone so naughty?”

“Maybe… because, on the inside, I am your good little angel.” I kiss his bottom lip then snuggle cheek to cheek. “But sometimes good girls do naughty things.”

“True, and good girls get punished for the naughty things they do like the good girls they are.” And with that simply explained, I let him turn me over onto his lap and lift up my gown, letting him handle me like a limp and lifeless rag doll that gives him no resistance, I hope maybe this session will fulfill my fantasies from this late afternoon.


Sorry I took so long. I was trying to finish the next post so I would have something to fall back on. and since I got a new computer (an iMac), I was not able to work on it since it was on my old HP computer. today I decided to send it to my new computer and post it up for you all.

I hope you all had happy holidays and a Happy New Year to you all. <3 see you in 2008~! :squirrel:
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