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The Party
« on: September 03, 2006, 01:16:17 AM »
This is my first story, so any criticism is appreciated  :)

It started off as an innocent party just a few girlfriends and myself. A simple small gathering of friends wasn’t going to matter, after all, Sam, the house owner and my personal friend, wouldn’t be back until Sunday. I knew I would get away with it, and even complemented my self on my own brilliance. So There we sat with just one bottle of wine for the five us, we were all under the age for drinking but a glass or two never killed anyone. I think it was Cindy who first started talking about the small party that was going on at one of our fellow dorm mate’s houses. That was when we got the idea to call them, tell them to come over and help spruce up the party. What a mistake. There were more people then I bargained for, but my intoxicated mind reasoned that I could clean it up once they left and everything would be fine. They brought kegs, they brought food, and they brought the music. People danced and ate; some disappeared into the surrounding bedrooms. We went beyond partying; we raved, we drank, we lived. Colors I had never seen before ran through my drunken mind, strange smelling smoke blew everywhere, the music blasted. Exhausting dances, hands touching, and the drone of people’s voices, echoed through the room.

Then it stopped.

It took me a moment to realize that the lights were on, the music off, and in the door way stood Sam; the owner of the house. His eyes were wide, his face was red, and his mind reeled.

So I said the first thing that came into my mind, “It’s not what it looks like!” I blushed, knowing that was completely the wrong thing to say.

He grinned an evil grin that ran shivers up my spine, “Not what it looks like, and well perhaps you would like to explain what it does look like.”

I turned scarlet, I was trapped and he knew it. I remained silent.

He shook his head, “Donna march your little bottom into the corner, now.”

“What?” I said, shocked that he would say such a thing in front of all my peers.

“You heard me, now get.” He emphasized by pointing at the far wall
I stared dumbstruck for a few moments before turning on my heels and not-to-gracefully stuck my nose in the corner. I could feel everyone staring at me, and knew it was going to be a long night.

“Now,” Sam’s voice rang, “all you drunken guys get out of my house and take your kegs with you, go!” he said raising his voice. I heard silence followed by a bunch of scrambling around for items of clothing, kegs, and unfinished glasses, before more silence. I didn’t know what was going to happen, well maybe I did, but I couldn’t help shudder at my fate.

“Ladies,” he began, “you can start by cleaning up this mess.”

There was some protesting and chatter before a final, “Go” from Sam. Things were happening to fast I didn’t know what was going on; my mind couldn’t keep up in its intoxicated state. It was one of the girls I didn’t know that spoke up in a hard, yet slightly drunk voice, “Why do we have to clean up when Donna is in the corner?” which was followed by a unison of “Yeah!” from the other women.
Sam chuckled, a chuckle that sent more tremors down my back, “Ah, but see Donna will be the star of the show; now get cleaning.”

I pressed harder into the wall, hoping that I would somehow turn invisible. Protesting and griping continued as the women shuffled to pick up cups, wipe up spilled drinks, and straighten things up. I fidgeted in the corner knowing that every clean spot in the house made me one more minute closer to my impending doom. Finally exhausted sighs echoed through the living room followed by bodies plopping down on the surrounding furniture. I knew the ‘star’ would soon be up for her debut.

“Donna,” Sam called, “please come over here.”

I turned around, suddenly wishing I was back in the corner, I stared at the floor as I shuffled along to him. Stopping when I saw his feet, I rested my gaze on his worn black Nike sneakers, suddenly realizing how very sober I had become.

“Donna, please look at me.” Was his first response, I heard a nervous giggle from behind me. I slowly tilted my head up, only briefly glancing at his eyes before staring at the lines on his forehead.

“Now, do you agree that you acted very naughty by throwing an out of control party, with alcohol that you aren’t even supposed to be drinking?” he asked me quite sternly

I dropped my head down staring at the floor once again, “I agree Sam.” I mumbled barley audible.

“Now what do you think should happen to naughty girls that throw parties in other peoples houses why they are away?”

I twisted my toe into the carpet, “I don’t know Sam.”

He raised his eyebrows, “What do you think would be a proper punishment?”

I knew what he wanted me to say, but I couldn’t do it. Not in front all my college friends, “I don’t know maybe you could…umm…warn me not to do it again?”

He wasn’t amused by my comment and I could tell by his strict tone, “So you think that throwing a large party with out my knowledge, getting drunk, and who knows what else only merits a warning?”

I burst into tears knowing I was in trouble, but more then anything the need to be told that I was forgiven, “No Sam you could, I mean I guess, well you could…ummm…spank me…”

The girls behind me gasped, shocked that I would say such a thing. Perhaps a few were even envious of my predicament. Sam smiled, “That’s correct young lady, now please lower yourself across my knees and we can begin.”

I walked to his side and looked down at his knees. Made an attempt to lower myself, but stopped. I tried again but I couldn’t do it, a reassuring hand of Sam’s helped me lower myself across his lap. I clutched at his ankle as he repositioned me so my bottom was an easy target for his hand. Silence echoed through the room as he tugged down my tight fitting jeans. He rested his hand on my panty-clad bottom, rubbing and patting it.

“Donna, why are you getting a spanking?” he asked seriously, rubbing my quivering bottom.

“Umm…because I threw a party with out your permission in your house…Sam.” I said quietly, knowing that I would be heard through the silence that radiated around the room.

“Correct Donna, and how exactly does one get a spanking?” he asked unyielding to my whimpers

I crossed my legs then uncrossed them feeling very contrite, “With their panties down.” I whispered to him. The girls around the room stared at me wide eyed, unsure if they should help me.
He grinned at the shocked faces while simultaneously inserting his thumb in the waistband of my pink panties. He slowly started to pull them down when I snapped, I couldn’t let the girls see my bare behind!

“Nooooooo pleasseeee Sam I’ll do whatever you want pleaseeee don’t take them down, I’m sorrrrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!” my pleading went to no avail, however. They were lowered, much to his delight, and I lay ridged across his lap crying softly.

“Young lady [*Smack*] do you agree [*Smack*] that you [*Smack*] deserve a [*Smack*] spanking [*Smack*] [*Smack*]?” he asked spanking my bare bottom with light smacks.

“Yes sir.” I answered while sniffling quite pathetically.

He increased the tempo, concentrating on my bare sit spots. [*Smack*] [*Smack*] [*Smack*] [*Smack*] “Do you think [*Smack*] that you will ever [*Smack*] [*Smack*] ever, throw a [*Smack*] party without [*Smack*] [*Smack*] my permission [*Smack*] in my own [*Smack*] [*Smack*] house again [*Smack*] [*Smack*] [*Smack*]?”

“Yeeeeeowwwww!! Owwuchhh!!! I’ll be a good girl, I’m sorreeee!!” I whined as he continued to heat up my bared bottom quite forcefully, feet kicking in the air in beat with the gasps from my college friends.

Finally the relentless smacks falling on my now-red bottom ceased. A few light pats and rubs replaced the hurting sting of his hand. I cried softly no longer able to struggle, I was quite contrite. After a few moments I realized were I was, and who was looking at me. I turned scarlet just as Sam gently slid my panties over my scorched rump. I stood up gingerly rubbing my bottom.

“Now, apologize to your friends.” Sam said taking on his stern voice again

I took a deep breath not moving my hand from my sorry behind, “I’m sorry that the party ended the way you did, hopefully one day we can try again, but right now I think I am partied out.” I said with a week smile.
he women smiled back then began to gather up their purses and coats and filed out. I turned to Sam who now sat on the couch, beckoning me towards him. I walked slowly over to him and plopped down on the couch next to him, leaning my head on his shoulder. He stoked it lovingly and we began to chuckle.

“I guess that batch of college women aren’t spankos either.” He said still chuckling

“Maybe the next party.” I answered laughing.
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Re: The Party
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Excellent story and nice twist at the end...keep it up Deanna :D


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Re: The Party
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wow! that was good! Please write more!  :laughter:
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Re: The Party
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This is very good....I look foward to many more.....I always enjoy reading the woman's point of view


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Re: The Party
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 :thumbup:   Very nice story Deanna, looking to hearing more from you .  Loved the ending  :D


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Re: The Party
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 :party: :thumbup: :thumbup:

WoW, Deanna!! Wonderful story!!! Keep it up!! Thanks!

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Re: The Party
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Oh nice!  I enjoyed your story Deanna.  I was glad for the panty begging part.   ;)  I hope you continue writing stories - especially spanking ones!


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Re: The Party
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Great story Deanna you describe every scene perfectly. It was like I could feel the emotion of the main character. Keep going It was awesome. :clap: :clap: :thumbup: