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An Inner Ache
« on: July 28, 2006, 07:36:29 AM »

It had been sometime since her last spanking, the Dom she had been seeing had moved on and her needs had known no release since.  She struggled on trying not to think of her needs, keeping busy with work and family and doing what ever she could to keep her mind occupied.  It seemed to work for a time, but it was exhausting and she could feel herself weakening… her needs were now beginning to take precedence once more.

She loathed when this happened, because she would lose perspective and couldn’t seem to focus on anything for too long and her mind would wonder to other things.  She’d play out scenarios in her mind, imagining she was with a Dominant partner, someone who would take control of the situation… take her in hand and truly satisfy her needs.

More and more she longed for the touch of someone like this, someone she could trust, someone she could give herself over to completely.  She had joined online forums and chat rooms hoping to meet like minded people and silently wished to find someone she could be with in real life.  Unfortunately all she found was frustration and a greater need for what she longed for.

There were days when she found herself so consumed with what she needed that she could not do your job properly and she began to make silly mistakes.  One day she got a call from her supervisor Mr Grimshaw asking her to come into his office.  She knew she was going to get bawled out again and she also knew she had no real reason she could use to explain things.

She knocked on his door and he called out for her to enter.  He seemed really busy and she was not sure if she should take a seat or not.  He stopped what he was doing and spoke quickly to her saying “I’m busy at the moment, but I want to see you before you leave today”.  She nodded and left the room closing the door behind her.

The rest of the day went by without incident, it seemed seeing her supervisor, had brought her back to earth and she was able to focus on what she was doing once more.  Over lunch she started thinking about her meeting that afternoon with him and couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to be spanked by him.

He was a tall man, well built with gentle eyes and big strong hands.  She knew the latter from when she’d first met him and shook his hand.  He had a strong grip!  She went back to her desk, putting aside these thoughts and didn’t think about Mr Grimshaw for the rest of the day.  She got through a great deal of work that day and felt satisfied with what she had achieved.

The afternoon seemed to fly by and when she looked up at the time on her computer she was surprised as it was well past her normal time to go home.  She shut down her computer, tidied her desk and gathered her things together.  Remembering Mr Grimshaw wanted to see her; she headed for his office.

His assistant was just leaving and said that Mr Grimshaw wanted her to wait till he called her, so she took a seat and waited.  It wasn’t long before the rest of the staff had left, she was getting tired of waiting and was about to get up and knock on the door when she heard Mr Grimshaw call out for her to come in.

She opened the door and he asked her to close it behind her.  She did so and walked over to his desk and took a seat opposite him.  He was focused on a document in front of him, which annoyed her as she wanted to be on her way.  But something told her he knew this so she didn’t say a word and sat quietly and waited for him to speak.

Several minutes passed and still he didn’t speak to her, she was feeling uncomfortable now and wanted to leave.  Just as she was about to get to her feet he lifted his eyes and looked directly at her.

“Well young lady, I think it’s high time we had a little discussion about your performance, or should I say lack of performance lately”!  She looked at him not really knowing what to say, but there was no need as he began speaking again.  “You have gone from a well organized efficient worker to what one could only describe as a ditz!”

He looked at her sternly and she suddenly began to feel like a naughty child being chastised.  “You have been given several warnings in regards to your inefficiency and still you haven’t improved”!  She looked at him trying hard to remain calm and her lip began to quiver.

“I can now see that no amount of warning will change this attitude, so I’ve been considering other options”.  Suddenly she found her voice… “Look Mr Grimshaw, I am sorry for my inefficiency in the past, but that is over; I can’t explain why, but today I was able to do my job and do it well.”  I can assure you that I will be more focused on my work from now on”.

Mr Grimshaw looked at his employee, “Scarlet isn’t it”?  She nodded yes and he smiled.  “You may have been able to put your focus on work today young lady, but I’m not so sure things will stay that way”.  “As I said I don’t believe warnings will work anymore…”  Even though she couldn’t afford to lose her job she could feel herself becoming angry and said, “Mr Grimshaw, if you want to sack me fine, just do it”!

A smile came to his face and he shook his head slightly saying “My dear Scarlet I’m not going to sack you”.  She looked at him feeling a little wary now, not sure what he had in mind.

“Scarlet you have behaved in an inappropriate manner regarding your work; you have been warned several times and still have not changed your attitude to your duties”.  He paused and sighed!  “In short, you have behaved like a naughty child and as such I believe you should be treated like one”!

Scarlet could feel her face flush and she began to realize what he had in mind.  She couldn’t believe it, she had been having thoughts of him behaving in just this way and now he was.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted this to happen now, after all they were at work and anyone could hear what might happen.

She stood and turned towards the door, but he told her not to leave.  She turned towards him and knew in that instant that no matter what happened she would not leave until he said she could.  She sat down again and waited!

“When was the last time you were spanked”?  He asked.  For some reason she was unable to answer, she opened her mouth but the words wouldn’t come.  She could feel a tear run down her cheek and butterflies in her stomach.  He asked her again and this time she did answer.  “Do you mean was I spanked as a child”? 

 “No”!  He said “That’s not what I asked now is it”?  She lowered her head and said “No Sir it wasn’t”.  “I haven’t been spanked for about three or four months”.  He seemed to smile at her answer and she kept wondering what was going to happen next.

She didn’t have to wait long, as Mr Grimshaw had left his seat and was moving towards her.  He reached out his hand to her and she took it.  He pulled her to her feet and led her over to the couch, moving the coffee table out of the way as he did so.

She could hardly believe this was happening, and thought she’d wake up any minute, but she didn’t as it wasn’t a dream.  This was really happening!  Part of her wanted this and another part of her wanted to run.  He seemed to know what she was feeling and as he sat down on the couch he took hold of her arm so she couldn’t run.

He sat her next to him and told her that perhaps if someone were to put her over their knee and administer good old fashioned spanking, then maybe she would focus more on her work and not make so many mistakes.  Her face reddened at this and she moved further away from him on the couch.

He seemed to know what she was going to do and said “Be still young lady or this will end up being far worse than it has too”!  She froze, not wanting to make things any worse and finally looked up at him and nodded to let him know she would comply.

Knowing he now had control of the situation, he smiled at her and loosened his grip on her arm a little, saying that she was now being sensible.  He patted her on the leg and said “You know you deserve this Scarlet, in fact you have needed this for some time now”.

At this Scarlet gasped and said “How did you know that”?  Mr Grimshaw laughed softly and told her that he didn’t know, but that he had a feeling it was what was wrong considering her behaviour of late.

She blushed and lowered her head, he lifted it up and said “Scarlet don’t ever be ashamed of your needs, we all have them, it’s just that some peoples needs are shall we say a little too sensitive to discuss than others”.

“Would I be right in saying that it has been far too long since your last spanking”?  She nodded “Yes” she whispered and he went on “That is why you have been unable to focus on your work, isn’t it”?  A single tear ran down her cheek as she looked up at him and said “Yes Sir”.

“Well my dear that is about to be rectified”, he drew her closer to him and guided her over his lap positioning her to his liking.  She didn’t struggle, this was what she needed and need had taken hold consuming her senses.

She was wearing a loose skirt and he smoothed it out over her bottom with his hand, very gently saying to her “Once this is done you will be able to attend to your duties as normal and I will be keeping an eye on you to make sure of it”.

She looked back at him and nodded, she couldn’t find her voice, she was somehow overwhelmed with what was happening and yet so excited she thought she might burst!  “Are you ready Scarlet”? He said.  She took hold of his ankle for support and whispered “Yes Sir”.

At this he took hold of her waist to hold her steady and raised his arm back, bringing it down onto her bottom with a resounding smack at which she jumped!  More smacks followed moving from one cheek to another, at first she seemed to cope with it, and then he could sense it was beginning to hurt.  He stopped and spoke to her in a kindly way saying “This is just a warm up Scarlet; there is a great deal more to come yet”.

This was when she began to struggle to get up, she really wasn’t sure she wanted this to go any further, but unfortunately for her he had other ideas.  He had been running his hand over her bottom to show her point that he could be kind or stern, then she could feel her skirt being lifted and she said “No”!  “Please stop”!  She wiggled and tried to stop him from pulling her skirt up any further, but he took hold of her arm and held it to the small of her back.

It did her no good to struggle, he was a strong man and he meant business!  He dropped her skirt over her back and rested his hand on her panty covered bottom.  “Very nice he said I have always liked a woman in white lace panties”.  “It gives me something to compare the colour of your bottom too”.  “Please she said, you’ve had your fun, let me up”.

Then she felt his hand land on her bottom once more, only this time it was firmer than before.  This time he really meant to make her feel his hand each and every time it connected with her now rather pink bottom.

He kept this up for at least twenty minutes stopping at intervals to observe his work and to rub gently, giving her some breathing space.  Each time she thought it was over he’d begin again until she finally gave in to the pain.  He felt her body stop struggling and grow heavier and adjusted her body so her head was resting on the couch next to him.

Mr Grimshaw knew exactly what he was doing, she could sense this now and let go, giving him complete control of the situation.  When he was sure she was comfortable he began again; first one check then the other again stopping at intervals to rub and make sure she was alright.

His words no longer stern, but caring, gentle and knowing… knowing of her need and also knowing exactly how to tend to it.  The sounds she made were no longer sounds of pain or struggle, but sounds of arousal and of acceptance of what was happening to her.

She hadn’t realized that he’d ever so gently tugged down her panties and was now running his nails over her very hot bottom giving her a sensation she’d not ever felt before.  He knew how to please a woman, of this she was now certain.

Again the spanking continued but now she no longer felt any pain, she felt pleasure and a sense of floating… he had taken her to subspace, a place she had been longing to be once more.

He was her supervisor and knew not to cross the line completely, so he didn’t touch her nether regions, but could see how aroused she was.  He knew if he eased back and let her drift out of subspace he could take control again and this time bring her to orgasm.

So he let her rest over his lap, patting her back and rubbing her now rather hot bottom ever so softly.  It wasn’t long before she became aware once more and he asked her if she was ready for him to finish his spanking.  She said yes and he began to spank each cheek more rapidly, more soundly than before without stopping and as he predicted he could feel her body tense up as she came closer to orgasm.  An orgasm so intense she all but screamed in pleasure.

He held her close until her body had calmed itself; he rubbed his hand over her reddened bottom and helped her get up.  There were tears running down her face, but she was smiling happily.  He smiled up at her and then stood up and gave her a hug.

“Scarlet if you feel you are getting to the point where you are in need again please let me know, better a session in my office where you get what is needed than you trying to find another job”.

Scarlet smiled up at him and said “Yes Sir”.  Both Scarlet and Mr Grimshaw knew that from that day on, they would find themselves in that same office for the same reason many times in the future.  In fact Scarlet became such a good worker that she needed to find other ways to earn herself a spanking… but that’s another story.

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Re: An Inner Ache
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2006, 09:52:14 AM »
Wow! What a great description, and ending to the same ache we all feel from time to time!  :bow:

Thank you!  :thumbup:
May the tawse be with you.


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Re: An Inner Ache
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2006, 12:10:47 PM »
Nice story scarlet.  :)


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Re: An Inner Ache
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Great!!!! :D :D :D

lil miss naughty

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Re: An Inner Ache
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  :thumbup: great story scarlet i realy enjoyed it  :)


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Re: An Inner Ache
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2006, 08:22:51 AM »
excellent story scarlet...look forward to reading more from you :thumbup:

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