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Sarah Jane Part 8
« on: May 23, 2006, 09:37:02 PM »
Jacob let Sarah get about a five-minute head start on him. Then he went to the main house, figuring she had run to Isabella; she had all her life and he did not suspect this would be different.
Jacob entered the house and Isabella just pointed to Sarah's room.
Hearing Sarah's sobs through the door he opened the door and went in. It broke his heart to see her sobbing as she was. He suspected it was not all from the spanking or the whipping with the crop. No, these were sobs were coming from deep in the soul.

He laid on her bed and rubbed her back not really knowing how she would react to him. She looked out of the corner of her eye and saw who it was. She took his hand
and held it close to her. He asked her would you like some lotion for you bottom. She just shook her head and continued sobbing. Jacob took the lotion and squirted it in his hand and tenderly and lovingly rubbed it in to her bottom. As he did she calmed down and her sobs subsided some. He then lifted her up and placed her legs around his lap so she was not sitting directly on her bottom and he rocked her.
He rubbed her long hair and whispered and comforted her. She put her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. Still unable to talk, she just cried. Soon Jacob felt his own tears. Realizing just how much he cared for that little imp and how hard it was to spank her that hard, Jacob rocked her ever so gently and spoke soothing words of comfort in her ear. Soon, Sarah was fast asleep. Jacob slowly moved her to her bed and laid her on her tummy.
He gently kissed her nose and went to the window box seat to sit.
Feeling tears running down his own face he quickly brushed them away. He sat and admired the view of the ranch.
He had called this place home since a boy. Being a run away, Mr. Walker took him in. First giving him a room in the stables, then, when he became manager, he was given the small farmhouse.
Losing the Walkers was like losing his own parents, so he knew exactly how Sarah felt.

He looked over to the little cute imp lying on the bed. His heart broke for her. He needed to make her see they did have each other. They did not have to be alone.
What if she wakes up and she hates me? He thought to himself. What if I was too hard on her?

What if she refuses to speak to me again? Does she know I love her? Where do I go from here? So deep in thought he did not realize he was talking out loud till he heard a small sweet voice. "I don't hate you. I deserved the spanking, you could not be that lucky, cowboy and I will make you wish I would shut up, I
love you too, Jacob ... and I always have."

He looked over at her with a smile as big as Texas, and went over to her. Rubbing her hair he kissed her on the cheek, she smiled and said "More lotion please".

"Yes, my sweet, then we are going to talk about
some rules". She reached up and kissed his lips. "Not if your lips are too busy to talk, we won't" The imp snickered.
Jacob got the lotion and rubbed it into Sarah's very sore bottom. He wondered to himself
"What have I gotten myself into?"


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Re: Sarah Jane Part 8
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Get OFF my bed u just hit me with a riding crop have u lost ya mind LOL im loving this story so much!!! go ahead miss Prissy!!! 8)
im on to part 9!
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