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Jim & Mary - part 4
« on: January 19, 2005, 07:14:40 PM »

Mary was very apprehensive as she slowly walked over to Jim's house to belatedly return the books and jigsaw puzzle she had borrowed more than three weeks ago. Geessh... Jim had sure sounded pissed over the phone >... she really couldn't help it that she had gone on vacation and then, about the time they returned, Jim and his folks went off on vacation. Vacation time shouldn't count in figuring the penalty for overdue books. Hopefully Jim would buy that reasoning. BUT... then... there was the problem of the two missing puzzle pieces ... she had NO idea what had happened to them. She had torn her room apart and then even gave it a thorough cleaning searching for the missing pieces but hadn't found them. She hadn't broke that news to Jim yet. Darn... he would be just furious since the puzzle was brand new, a birthday present, and he had never had a chance to put it together before she borrowed it!!

Dang, college started in a few days and then she wouldn't see Jim again until the mid-term break but at least he had promised to write ... in fact he seemed real eager to keep in touch with her she thought with a grin as she rang the doorbell. Double damn .. there was probably no way that she was going to avoid a spanking for the missing puzzle pieces and possibly even for the overdue books..... and certainly no chance to spank Jim. She had really been hoping for an opportunity to get him across her lap for another spanking before she returned to college. Oh well, he better really keep up his promise to write to her or she would really nail his butt at mid-term vacation!

Her reverie was broken by the door opening and Jim's cheerful greeting, “Hi Mary, sure is good to see you again ... was wondering if I would ever see my books and puzzle again."Since her arms were encumbered by the books and puzzle she couldn't return Jim's awkward hug and the light smacks he landed on the seat of her tight cut-offs as he continued. “We're gonna need a calculator to figure up all the spanks due for the books and puzzle.... the puzzle ought to count double since it was brand new and unopened!! Let's see, 5 books more than 2 weeks overdue ...that's 5 spanks on those neat cut-offs for each book for the first week late, then 5 spanks per book on your bare bottom for the second week, then 10 more for the puzzle ;D ;D"

As they returned the overdue items to Jim's room Mary cautiously opened negotiations “Mmmmm.....Jim ... we need to talk about this ... with the vacations and all, we really couldn't get together to return the books and puzzle ...I don't think I should get spanked at all for that ....certainly not so many spanks and on my bare bottom ??? "Jim seemed tentatively receptive to her protest “You may have a point there but what about the puzzle??"   Mary had a woebegone expression as she recounted her unsuccessful search for the two missing pieces, adding almost tearfully “I just don't see how I could have lost them, I kept it in my room on a card table and when I had the puzzle assembled and saw that there were two pieces were missing I searched the floor several times carefully ???"

Jim thought for a moment and then suggested “how about we settle for 10 hand spanks on your cut-offs and then 5 more on your bare bottom "Mary quickly agreed, figuring it was probably the best deal she was going to get. “Okay, but pleeeeze keep the spanks on my butt, please don't spank my bare upper thighs or crease where any marks will show below my cut-offs "Jim readily agreed to since neither of them wanted their parents to find out about the spankings... .might give them wrong ideas. They were NOT at all interested in parental spankings

Jim took Mary's hand and led her over to his bed, sat and gently pulled her face-down across his lap, Mary cooperated as he adjusted her so that her upper body rested on the bed and her bottom was slightly elevated over his right knee. He lightly caressed and patted her arched bottom and sleek firm thighs, noting that the cut-offs were a very thin light-weight denim, offering scant protection Placing his left arm along her side with his hand resting at the top of her right hip, he quickly raised his right hand high and brought it down hard across both ass-peaks, noting how her relaxed bottom flattened and jiggled under his hand ... SMAAACCKK!! “Owwwww!! Not so hard!!"    This was quickly followed by more hard spanks, first on one arched peak, then the other .. ...SMAACCK!! CRAAACCK!! ...SMAACCK!! CRAAACCK!! ..“Ouuuch, ,, ,owwww, ,, pleeese!!"   Jim then moved to her flanks, landing a couple of stinging spanks on each side ...SMAACCK!! CRAAACCK!! ...SMAACCK!! CRAAACCK!! ..“Ouuuch,,, ,owwww,,, pleeese ... Jim, pleeese ...that hurts!!"“That's right ..... spankings are SUPPOSED to hurt!!"    Jim replied as he landed a final hard spank across her bottom SMAAAACCKK!!. “OOOWWW!!!"

Jim paused, gently massaging and kneading her bottom, then helped her stand, grinning as he watched her ruefully rubbing her bottom cheeks. “I don't suppose I can talk you out of the bare-bottom spanking, Jim???"“Nope ... not a chance... you deserve it ...but it is only 5 spanks ;D"   Jim replied, reaching over to unfasten Mary's belt and cut-offs, slowly pushing them and her panties to her knees, quickly glancing at the soft triangular furry mound at the top of her thighs before he eased her back across his lap in the same position as before, his arm holding her firmly in place. He noted that her bottom was already a nice rosy red from the previous spanking, with an occasional hint of a hand print showing on the bare cheeks. He lightly caressed her satiny bottom, noting how a soft and warm it felt under his hand. Slowly stroking her firm sleek thighs, lightly tanned but unblemished by spank marks, he grinned as he thought how much better they would look with a nice red hand print on the back of each. Oh well, he had agreed to leave them untouched....................this time

He grinned as her rosy bottom clenched in anticipation, then as she relaxed he quickly landed a sharp spank across both bottom-peaks ... CRAAAACCK!!    “Yeeooowwww .. .pleeese, Jim!!"    Mary protested in surprise, her legs kicking slightly. Jim quickly landed the next 4 spanks, 2 on each peak ...SMAACCK!! CRAAACCK!! ...SMAACCK!! CRAAACCK!! . noting how her lovely bottom cheeks flattened, quivered and jiggled and her legs twitched and kicked as she tearfully protested “OWWW...Jim.. that HURTS!! Pleeeeeeeeezze... no more!!!"Jim massaged her scarlet hot bottom in soft circular motions, lightly patting her unmarked thighs, then helped her to her feet, grinning as she gingerly eased her panties and cut-offs back up over her punished bottom.

Mary crawled up into Jim's lap, wrapping her arms around his neck.... “Jim. I go back to college next week and really want to keep in touch with you. Please promise you will write........I will write to you every few days."   Jim readily agreed, hugging Mary closely in his arms as she rested her head on his chest. Jim gently stroked Mary's thighs and slowly slid his hand inside her cut-offs, cupping her bottom cheeks. Mary moaned softly, enjoying the feel of his hand on her thighs and soft bottom. She gently stroked his face as she told him how much she had enjoyed spanking him last month and that she had really hoped to have a chance to spank him again before she left for college.

Jim laughed, reminding her that perhaps she would .... it was 3 more days before she had to leave for school. Meanwhile, she could practice on her brothers. Mary gave him an exasperated glare as she lightly slapped him on the arm “OH!! You're such a brat!!! I'll get you before I go back to school.......just you wait young man!!!

Hmmmm.......will she get to spank Jim before she goes back to school and leave him with a hot bottom to remember her by? See the next episode!!!!


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Jim & Mary - part 4
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2005, 07:58:59 AM »
“OWWW...Jim.. that HURTS!! Pleeeeeeeeezze... no more!!!”

Now why do they always say that, since it's the opposite of what they want? :frust:
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Jim & Mary - part 4
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2005, 07:44:28 PM »
Nice to see this pair back Dusty  :D
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