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Kirjoittaja Aihe: Cops and robbers. A new Police girl adventure. Part 1  (Luettu 2358 kertaa)


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Cops and robbers. A new Police girl adventure. Part 1
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Police girl in trouble again; she is a smart and clever girl; she will no doubt go far. But she also has this unfortunate knack for – very much against her own will - ending up over people’s knees, having her protruding bare bottom thoroughly and painfully spanked.

Melinda Jones was running on the training course behind the police quarters, breathing heavily. It was a long time since she had done this and all sitting on her butt doing brain-work, had begun to have its effects. A good effect was that she was now up for promotion. Soon, if things continued to go her way, she would be a detective. Other effects were visible on her lovely bottom and round thighs. When a mere rookie three years ago Melinda had been a slim girl, almost skinny. Her face was a bit hungry-looking, her body was petite and trim and she was a fast runner.
   Now she was actually more attractive, her male colleagues had started to notice her as a pretty girl, not just a clever one. She liked that, of course. But nowadays she had to watch out for men who were standing behind her on the subway or she would be pinched in the butt. Even when she was wearing her police uniform, sometimes! And they pinched her hard too - the bastards seemed to enjoy too see her jump and squeal. Melinda’s pear-shaped lovely bottom was now sticking out rather much, she thought, and it was bouncing visibly as she walked. Her full round hips were wider, perhaps even wider than her shoulders. So now she had decided to start running again, although her pink gym shorts seemed to have become embarrassingly small…
   She had reached the big tough plank wall - high and mighty. You had to jump up, climb it and get your fingers over the top - pulling yourself up and over the wall, even though your shoes never could get a good grip on the flat surface of the wall. Melinda was not a tall girl and had always had a hard time conquering that wall. But this time it was simply impossible. Her fingers were over the top, but her arms did not have the strength to pull her over; they were just hanging there, limp and soft! She could not do it!
   Another girl overtook her, jumped up, pulled herself up and was over the plank and on her way, seemingly without problems. Melinda let herself drop to the ground and tried again, but without success. Her big bottom was bouncing, her legs were kicking desperately, all of her curvy body was moving – but her soft white arms were just hanging there helplessly.
“Damn it!” She swore under her breath and then furtively looked to her left and right. You were not allowed to sneak around the wall, pretending that you had climbed it, but who was to know? But as soon as Melinda did that, there came the sound of a whistle and a booming voice from the bushes to her left:
“Hello there!” the voice bellowed. “Hello, hello! What’s this, then..?”
   “Damn it!” Melinda muttered again. It was that intolerable training instructress…Holly! What was she doing there in the bushes? Was she spying on the girls out here…?
The tall muscular woman came up to her:
   “Why, you’re Officer Jones, aren’t you? I haven’t seen you out here on the training course in a long time!”
   “I have been very busy!”
   “I can see that!” Holly said, looking down on her with an ambiguous smile. 
     “You are getting rather curvy, Miss Jones, aren’t you? And that plank wall seems to be causing you big problems..? Have you perhaps been neglecting your physical training?”
   “Well”, Melinda said irritably, “I am training now, aren’t I? Can I help you with anything else? Otherwise I…”
Holly interrupted her, trying hard not to smile maliciously but not quite making it:
    “Didn’t you hear? Any girl who fails to climb the wall
gets herself recruited to the `hooker patrol´! You just made it to the Tits-and-ass brigade, honey! You are to report to Captain Sanders first thing in the morning, Miss Jones..!”
    “No..!” Melinda exclaimed, horrified. “No, I can’t do that! I’m up for promotion…I mean, I’m not…!” But she already knew that she was trapped. All the female officers hated the part of the job that meant that they would have to dress up as prostitute decoys, prancing in silver-coloured high heels, showing off their tits and butts in ridiculously revealing clothes - just to catch a bunch of drooling johns. So the chief had to come up with new ideas all the time to persuade them to do the job. This was obviously the latest bright idea of his and Melinda realized that there would be no exception for her, just because she was up for a promotion. All she could do was to work hard at her arm muscles and hope that she would not get stuck in the “hooker patrol” for good. There were a couple of girls, she knew, who never seemed to make it out of there – girls with big tits and generous curves who could hardly outrun a senior citizen even. She absolutely did not want to become one of them…!

Enrolled in the Tits and ass brigade

Already next night Melinda was glumly tripping along on the pavement outside a shabby café in the hooker district. Her make-up was heavy, her glaring pink skirt was too tight and too flimsy and it clung to her body as if it were painted on it. Her boobs were on the verge of falling out of her tacky green top. And it was really hard to walk in her extremely high-heeled shoes. She tried not to look at herself in the shop windows – it made her blush and feel slightly seasick when she happened to do that. Everything was moving about, her hips were rolling, her bottom was sticking far out and bouncing softly all the time, her tits were quivering. But men seemed to like her exaggerated sex-doll appearance all the more. They kept bumping into her, slapping, pinching and caressing her bottom and making her very uncomfortable and a little frightened. A handsome black guy offered her “protection”. He was dressed in a three-piece suit that might have been smart and executive-looking if it had not had broad stripes in cream and purple and had not been accompanied by a large hat in the same colours.
   Other whores hissed at her like ill tempered cats and told her to fuck off – a compliment of sorts, she guessed. But they did not make her feel more at ease than the johns did. Nor did Ken, her sloppy and sleepy colleague who was supposed to guard her and come charging to her rescue when needed. He was a blonde well-built man in his thirties who looked like Barbie’s plastic boy friend. In Melinda’s opinion he was handsome in an artificial way, much too concerned with his good looks and unbearably conceited. He sat there, all comfortable and sleepy in his car - much more concerned with the sports on the radio than with what happened to Melinda Jones. Still, they caught four johns during her first night and he seemed pleased with that result.


Next night Melinda had learned how to avoid the worst guys and how to make a deal faster. But she still made many beginner mistakes. A woman in the back of her limousine signed for her to come up to the car window. When Melinda was close enough, the good-looking middle-aged lady took a hard grip of her ear:
     “You are a disgusting naughty little slut!” she said. And Auntie has not spanked your fat ass with her hair-brush for months now, isn’t that true? You want her to do that, little whore, don’t you?”
      “No..!” Melinda blushed, shocked. “I don’t! Let go of my ear!”
She had not expected a well-dressed, well-to-do lady to talk like that. She had assumed that she only wanted to ask for the way. The elegant woman looked at her expectantly:
     “Come on, slut! Get in here! Auntie has not spanked your delightful big ass for months– admit that, little whore!” She persisted. “You want her to punish you so hard that you can’t sit for a week, don’t you?”
    “Are you out of your mind..? Let me go!” Melinda
exclaimed and managed to get free. The lady threw her hands up in a gesture of puzzled disappointment and the car drove away.
   Over a cup of coffee in the café afterwards, Melinda tried to figure out what the mysterious episode had been about. She felt humiliated and puzzled and the talk about “Auntie” and her spanking of Melinda was especially embarrassing. Because, although a grown up girl of twenty-two and a police woman, Melinda had in fact received a spanking from her own aunt not two weeks ago and she definitely did not want to be reminded of it..!
   Melinda and her twin cousins had been having fun in the pool and forgotten all about their promise to watch the steaks on the grill. When Aunt Carol and Melinda’s mom arrived, the steaks were reduced to charcoal. Her strict aunt immediately put one of her teenage daughters over the knee there by the pool, spanking her hard with her hair-brush on her bare bottom. Melinda’s mom took the other twin over her knee, just as angrily smacking her. And Melinda just stood there red-faced, looking on while the chubby bare bottoms of her crying and desperately struggling cousins turned crimson and their cute round faces became wet with tears.
     As Auntie was satisfied that she had taught her own daughter a good lesson, she thoughtfully set her eyes on Melinda. Then she looked at her mom who – to Melinda’s shock and horror  – nodded in affirmation!
      “Oh no, you don’t!” Melinda protested. “I am too big! I’m a grown up girl!”
      “Well, the twins just turned eighteen,” aunt Carol answered matter-of-factly. But none of you have behaved like grown ups today! Obviously all three of you need a good smacking to grow up! Get over my knee this moment, young lady!”
    Blushing hard, the young police girl had to obey. Very reluctantly and still meekly protesting she went over the knee. She was only expecting a few symbolic smacks on the backside of her shorts for the sake of justice. Instead, Melinda’s shorts and panties were immediately pulled down to her knees and she was spanked every bit as hard as her cousins.  Melinda soon changed her mind and did everything she could to escape from Auntie’s knee. Hard smacks were raining down on her poor helpless bottom – it was smarting intolerably! She just could not stand it! She had to get free..! But Melinda was not a tall girl. Her curvy legs did not reach down to the ground now and when she tried to protect her bouncing bottom with her little hands they were both caught in Auntie’s left hand. She could not tear them free - no matter how desperately she tried.
   Melinda had to change her mind again and decided to bear the pain in brave silence, simply lying there, quietly waiting for the humiliating punishment to stop. She could be a sort of role model for her young cousins, she thought – taking her punishment with superior courage and indifference! But unfortunately her aunt was an expert at this – she knew precisely how best to hurt a pair of wobbly girl buttocks. Well-aimed and mercilessly the hair-brush hit its plump targets again and again, pausing only to hit the sensitive backsides of Melinda’s soft rosy thighs - where it hurt even more!
   So in the end the young “role model” was struggling and kicking just as helplessly and screaming just as desperately as her cousins, her tears gushing. Melinda could not help her self. When she was at last released, her bare bottom looked as swollen, crimson and tender as if it had been on the grill with the steaks. Standing in the corner with her sobbing cousins, her hands on her head, Melinda had been very effectively taught her place.
She blushed hotly every time she remembered the episode. She realized that she had been just as negligent as her cousins and was just as much to blame as them. Maybe she deserved some kind of punishment, she supposed. But she had been reduced to a little teenager, her panties had been taken down and she had been spanked like a little brat on her bare bottom!
It was so degrading!
   And now that wealthy lady in the limousine had talked mysteriously about just that: about Melinda being spanked by Auntie. It was spooky! But when she told Ken of the wacky lady in the limo, he was cross with her and told her off:
“You stupid cow..! Why did you run away? Why didn’t you let her finish the deal with you? We could have caught that pervert “Auntie” now! Didn’t you get it? She pays girls to go with her and get spanked by her. And you know what – she’s one of the richest people in town! We could, I mean… really…!”
He did not finish the sentence. Melinda felt stupid and naïve. Why had she assumed that all johns had to be men? Of course she should have stayed until the woman had been exposed buying sex, instead of just running off like a frightened little rabbit..!

An exciting view

Two more nights went by. Melinda still hated being on the Tits and ass-brigade and was eagerly searching for a way to get transferred back to doing real police work. Ken was not helpful at all; he seemed to be half asleep in his car most of the time. She was doing all the work, half naked and exposed – but he was in charge. It was so unfair! He could hear her and her johns through her mike but she could not hear him. If he did not feel like it, he could simply ignore her. On one occasion when the john had exposed himself and into her microphone had admitted his intention to buy sex from her - nothing happened..! She took the john around the corner, where Ken was supposed to take over and make the arrest. But Ken did not come! The customer was impatient, fondling her breasts and her bottom as if he owned them, making Melinda all the more nervous. At last she had to escape to a toilet, pretending to be drunk and going to throw up. It was a close call and Melinda was furious – but her unperturbed colleague afterwards simply declared that he had not heard anything:
      “The mike is down in there with your boobs, remember?” he said, pretending it was all her fault.” I told you to stand really close to the guys when they offer to pay you for sex, didn’t I? Otherwise I can’t hear you.”
Melinda wanted to slap him in the face but managed to check herself. Her temper improved momentarily when he suddenly announced that he had been ordered to take part in the pursuit of a bank robber:
     “All right..!” She exclaimed, relieved. “At last some real police work..! I’ll…”
     “No, no, honey! “He said, laughing at the preposterous idea,
and slapped her round bottom! “Not you, stupid! You will wait for me in the café…!” Melinda blushed furiously:
     “I did not intend to come with you dressed like this, you
moron!” she hissed. “I have my police uniform right here!” She took a bag from the back of the car. “Wait for me just for two minutes! I’ll go and change clothes in no time!”
     “Don’t you get it, honey?” he sighed. ”You are not coming with me..! You are to wait at the café! Understood…? And don’t do any business while I’m gone, honey!” he added with a malicious smile.
   Steaming with fury Melinda had to obey. Here, he was the senior officer and there was nothing she could do about it. She had already found out the hard way that a member of the “tits and ass brigade” hardly even outranked the real whores in the eyes of her colleagues. Melinda had been forced to spend a whole day in a cell, her bra and panties had been taken from her and she had been felt up and maltreated by the muscular female guards. Her shocked protests had been brutally silenced and someone had whispered:
 “You are just being treated like all the other girls! Shut up! If you blow your cover now, sweetie, you will regret it more than you can imagine!” 
Melinda wanted revenge, but as long as she was “sentenced” to this fake-whore duty she would have to keep her mouth shut. She guessed that Ken probably had the power to make things worse for her if he wanted to – or worst of all: to prolong her stay here indefinitely!       
     “But just you wait till I am a detective - then the tables will be turned!” she thought, waiting at the café afterwards. “Just you wait, Officer Ken Plastic Doll!”
    The TV-set in the corner was showing the same news flash as an hour before: a man with a green panty-hose over his head, robbing the bank in Mills Street. He had disappeared with over 800 000 dollars; the police had no clues yet. But they were sure, she added in her mind, that Detective (soon to be) Melinda Jones would have solved the case already if she had not been temporarily assigned to other duties (and had not had an evil imbecile senior officer by the name of Ken).
    Through the dirty hotel room windows on the other side of the street she could see a shabby bald man sitting in a sofa, drinking liquor from a bottle. Not a very exciting sight.
But then the man rose and opened a suit-case on the floor behind him. He took something out and closed the lid. It was only a very brief moment, but Melinda had got a glimpse of the contents of his suit-case.
It was stuffed with dollar bills - full to the brim with money! Bundles and bundles - much more money than any sane, law abiding person would keep in a hotel room!
Melinda immediately thought of the bank robbery. Her colleagues were searching for the robbers, she knew – right here in this neighbourhood! And here he was, right under their noses...the bank robber! She should call them at once!
But then she had another more sobering thought: if she did that - who would get the credit from the arrest..? Not the cute little fake-whore who had just happened to get a glimpse of something suspicious through a window, but the brave officers who actually did the arrest. Ken might even get all the credit..! So Melinda had a better idea. The bag with her police uniform was under the table – all she had to do was to go and change,  like Supergirl. This was her big chance! And the best part of it was that when she had caught the bank robber all by herself, the captain would simply have to let her do real police work instead of this humiliating whore-decoy stuff..!
   In the toilet, changing into her blue shirt, her black tie and her weapon-belt she had an even better view of the robber. And suddenly, as she was fighting with her very tight rubbery latex-skirt, she saw something extremely disturbing. The bank-robber was collecting his stuff. He was preparing to leave! But her skirt just would not come off; Melinda became more and more nervous. Once he got out on to the street she could not take him single-handedly and he could easily disappear. Hurry, hurry! The skirt seemed to be glued to her soft hips and round bottom..! She knew that it had to be rolled down slowly, bit by bit, or it would not come off. But Melinda just had not got the time… 

The balding unshaven man in the untidy hotel room had a throbbing head-ache. The loud music from the adjoining night club made it hard to think. And his bottle was empty. He sat there in the stained grey old sofa, wishing for a cute curvy girl to come in through the door - well knowing that such nice things never happen.
And suddenly the door was flung open and there was a cute curvy girl standing in the door-way! She was very pretty, but she seemed to be agitated and her dress was quite peculiar. The upper half of her was a cop - the lower half made him think of a stripper or a hooker...!
She was also shouting something at him and threatening him with a gun..!
      “Stick ‘em up, scumbag!” The girl bellowed, pointing her large black gun at him.
“What? Wha…?” He stammered. “Who are you? And
what…are you?” he added hoarsely, wetting his dry lips with his tongue. His head-ache was worse now; he was feeling very worried. Was she a hallucination? Had he become insane at last? All right, he had been drinking quite a lot lately, but surely not that much..?

To be continued