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Kirjoittaja Aihe: A Special weekend pt2  (Luettu 2504 kertaa)


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A Special weekend pt2
« : Kesäkuu 01, 2006, 10:33:25 am »
Dinner was a romantic affair, it was a warm evening and Lucas had reserved a table on the veranda.  The setting was just perfect. The hotel was an old manner house and the veranda looked out over the magnificent gardens and was bathed in the scent of the honeysuckle, which clothed the walls on either side of the doorway. There was nothing hurried about the dinner, each of the three courses was relaxed and accompanied with good wine and pleasant conversation. After dinner was finished they remained at the table enjoying the moment and watching the sunset and the evening light fade.

 After dinner they took a short leisurely walk before retuning to their room. In the room they sat and enjoyed a glass or two to drink. Amanda was now sure that Lucas had chosen to forget of the incident during the week as he had made no reference to it what so ever. Lucas finishing the last dregs in his glass stood up and took Amandas’ empty glass and placed them on the table. Turning to look her straight in the face he spoke the words she was half hoping he would not say but the other half strangely longing to hear

“Well my love its time we settled the matter of your behaviour during the week”

Amanda’s heart skipped a beat ,  her legs felt weak, part from the unknown of what a spanking for bad behaviour was going to be like and part from the pleasure of knowing she was going to feel his hand warming her bare bottom again.  Taking her  by the hand he led her towards the bed. and  sat on the edge  telling  her to stand in front of him where he could see her. She done as he instructed and stood there  her legs trembling slightly in anticipation and her head bowed

 Lucas looked at her sternly

“ Now young lady what have you to say for yourself? Did we not agree on your rules last week end and what the consequences were to be if you broke them.”?

Amanda could feel the disappointment in his voice and felt very sorry

“ Yes we did and I am sorry I disappointed you so soon, but …”

Before she could finish the sentence Lucas held his finger to his lips bidding her to be silent.

“Well do you remember what I told you I was going to do as a consequence of your behaviour when we met this weekend?

“Yes babe I do “
“ Good then it is going to be no surprise to you is it?”

 Lucas stretched out his arms and unfastened her skirt letting it fall down her slim legs and to the floor where it fell in a heap around her ankles.

Amanda’s skin went goosy and she felt herself starting to get aroused. She had found the spankings she received the last time very sensual. Although she always had found reading about spanking a big turn on she never thought that having her backside warmed by someone’s hand would turn her on so much. Ever since he had found out about that night and what to expect when the next met she had been having mixed feelings over his threats. Now his threats had suddenly become a realality and she was even more apprehensive than ever. She had mused over what her feelings would be come the time and how it would feel. Would it sting a lot, could she hold back her tears if it hurt a lot When and how would he punish her and would he use anything beside his hand? She had been given a small taste of some of the implements he had but none of them were given in earnest.

 Now she stood there in front of him naked from the waist down apart from a very small thong that just about covered the essentials. He guided her gently down across his lap and settled her there placing one arm firmly around her waist Her soft warm body felt so good laid over his lap He had been missing the feel of a woman over his knee for a good while before he met Amanda and he never thought he would be as lucky as to find someone who he felt so in tune with.

He began to rub her firm young cheeks his hand gliding over her cool silky skin. The gentle touch of his hand on her cheeks relaxing her and given her a strange sense of well-being.

“ Now young lady you know you’re at liberty to use you safe word at anytime you feel the need don’t you?”

“ Yes babe I know, but I will try not to I know I disappointed you and I deserve a spanking”

Lucas hand lifted from her cheeks and returned quickly with a firm “SMACK “ 
She gasped, although expecting it this first swat it took Amanda by surprise. It was followed by several more firm swats to the centre of her cheeks Amanda squirmed with the attention her cheeks were getting she could feel a gentle heat starting to build in them Although the swat stung she was beginning to think that this was not going to be such a hard spanking after all

“Right young lady1 now we got the warm up out the way lets get down to business12

BUSINESS!! Just what did he have in mind for her she thought, was she going to be able to bare what he had in mind or would she find it too much and use her safe word
She felt his finger slip inside the waistband of her thong and it being slid down her legs.

“ Now young lady just what did I tell you I was going to do to your backside when I got my hands on it”

“ You said you were going to roast it babe, But surely you did not mean it?”

Oh yes I did

 His hand came down very firmly on the centre of her warm cheeks

“ Owwe Shit That hurts” She yelled

“ It is supposed to young lady.  You know your rules state you’re not to get drunk and never do anything in public that would cause you to get into trouble “

 As Lucas lectured her each word was accentuated with a very firm swat to one of her cheeks

Amanda cheeks were now starting to really feel hot and stingy. But although it hurt and she was starting to feel sorry for how she behaved she was also finding it very comforting to know someone cared that much as to how she behaved. Also even though it hurt she was finding it pleasurable.

“Oh Shit!  Owe that hurt babe!” Amanda shouted as Lucas started to pay attention to her sit spots

“Yes young lady and I not finished yet I think you will remember this spanking for a good while”

Lucas reached under the pillow and brought out a light paddle he had secreted there early He immediately started to use it skilfully over the entire area he had just been spanking. Immediately Amada’s started to writhe and squirm from the red-hot feeling it gave her deep in her backside. Each swat felt like her backside was having a burnt. Lucas continued to paddle her backside Amanda cheeks getting a deeper shade of red with each swat. She protested loudly at first declaring how sorry she was, promising she never behave like that again.

Although the paddle felt like it was made from red hot metal as it fell on her cheeks she was determined not to use her safe word and take what she knew she deserved and was sure Lucas considered fair. Soon her protest fell silent and the fight to hold back the tears that had been welling up in her eyes was lost and   her they rolled freely down her cheeks.
Lucas sensing that she had been punished enough stopped spanking her   and told her that all was forgiven and that was now the end of the matter.  He helped her to sit up and cuddled her in close, letting her headrest on his chest. He lifted her head and gently kissed her tears away reassuring her that he loved her.  Amanda forced a smile through her remaining tears; the feelings she was experiencing were new to her. Although her backside was hot and sore she felt very cared for and secure She had craved for this sort of attention for many years but never found the right person to give her what she really craved. Now she had found that person and not only that the love she had for him was a lot more intense and stronger than anything she had felt before. Sat cradled in his arms she felt a warm contentment and very safe.

Lucas spoke softly to her

“ Come on babe lay on the bed and I will sooth you cheeks for you”

She lay fasces down on the bed. The cool night air felt good on her hot cheeks. Lucas was knelt alongside her, he poured some lotion into the palm of his hand rubbed both hands to gather gently then softly began rubbing it into Amanda’s glowing backside. The coolness of the lotion and the soft touch of his hand sliding over her cheeks felt so good. she closed her eyes  and led there savouring the feelings.  His had felt so soft yet firm as they slid over her naked backside and although the spanking had aroused her she was now getting even more so. As his fingers traced a line down between her cheeks she parted her legs slightly and shivers ran down her spine as Lucas’s fingers brushed gentle over her wet lips and along her inner thighs. Every nerve in her body felt alive, It was a strange feeling for her no one had ever made her feel so good. He kissed her on the lips softly and asked her to sit up for a moment.

They sat kissing for a while their passion building with each kiss exchanged. The helped each other to undress then laid down entwined together. Lucas’s fingers exploring her wetness and softly caressing her clitoris. The feel of him kissing and gently sucking her nipples sent raptures of desire through her. When his finger found her G spot and started to caress it her desire was unbearable, she wanted to feel his hard cock fill her and satisfy her, Amanda could not hold her longing for him any more, with her arms wrapped around him she rolled over onto her back pulling him with her, Her hand found his manhood and she made it quite clear what she wanted him to do with it. As he slid into her she took a deep breath of satisfaction and thrust upwards with her hips to meet him. His cock felt so good as it slid deep into her wet pussy. And they ground against each other until they were both satisfied.

As Amanda drifted of  to sleep feeling loed and very happy she wondered what tomorrow would bring


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Re: A Special weekend pt2
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  :love: :love:

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Re: A Special weekend pt2
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Very nce Sire.... watching for more prose from you  :D :D :clap: :clap: :winner: